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  • Title: Devil's Desire
  • Author: Laurie McBain
  • ISBN: 9780380002955
  • Page: 256
  • Format: Paperback

  • IMPETUOUS DESIRE SEARING PASSION ENDURING LOVEIn a rousing, unforgettable saga that sweeps across the valleys and peaks of human destiny, the stormy alliance of beautiful young Lady Elysia Demarice and Lord Alex Trevegne plumbs the depths of raw human emotion lust, jealousy and hate for though Lord Alex has married Elysia, he cannot possess her in flesh or spIMPETUOUS DESIRE SEARING PASSION ENDURING LOVEIn a rousing, unforgettable saga that sweeps across the valleys and peaks of human destiny, the stormy alliance of beautiful young Lady Elysia Demarice and Lord Alex Trevegne plumbs the depths of raw human emotion lust, jealousy and hate for though Lord Alex has married Elysia, he cannot possess her in flesh or spirit Out of the turbulence of their clashing wills comes one of the greatest love stories ever written, as their twin passions mingle at last, in a rippling tide of liquid fire
    Laurie McBain
    Laurie McBain was born on October 15, 1949 She was always passionate about art and history, and her father encouraged her and helped her write her first historical romance At twenty six, Laurie became a publishing phenomenon with her first historical romance Her first novels Devil s Desire and Moonstruck Madness each sold over a million copies She was one of the pioners of the new romance style with Kathleen E Woodiwiss But, after the death of her father, she decided to retire from the publishing world in 1985, with only seven romances written.


    Sarah Mac
    Well, this wasinful.I'm well aware that Devil's Desire is the great-grandmother of many historical romances today, so I'm willing to let the predictable plot & cheeseball suspense slide. But the flat characters & terrible writing are inexcusable. This author is labeled one of HR's grande dames, yet I saw nothing to earn that title aside from the mid-1970s publishing date. The bulk is a mash of clunky infodumps, adverbial orgies, & sloppy writing with a wallpaper-thin Regency backdrop [...]

    Well this book wasn’t for me and for soooo many reasons. For the record, I really, really, really tried to like it but it was a no go. Now I know it’s a bodice ripper from the 70s and there was a certain “style” to those romances that doesn’t really exist in today’s romance novel, but this one I thought was not only poorly written, it had the most unlovable and irredeemable historical romance hero imaginable (ugh, eesh and **shudder shudder**).It has a very Gothic feel to it –creep [...]

    Elysia Demarice is a poor wee orphan who is abused by her evil step-aunt one too many times, so she grabs a bag and runs off to London. A chance stop at a roadside inn puts her in the path of a nasty little lord who has a grudge against a devil rake by the name of Alex Trevegne, also at the inn. Elysia and Alex are manipulated into a compromising situation and he decides to marry her after all because she looks like a good breeder. Elysia gets dragged off to his estate where she hates her husban [...]

    UniquelyMoi ~ BlithelyBookish
    What I most loved about this story is the mystery of the war-time smugglers. Alex and Elysia are wonderful, but the drama and angst and misunderstands due to lack of communication had me wanting yo tear my hair out! LOL! Ah, well. Still all in all a wonderful read!Blurb.They called him the devilWith his seductive golden eyes and sin-black hair, it's no wonder Lord Alex Trevegne has earned himself the sinister title-not to mention his reputation as one of the most notorious rakes in England.And s [...]

    DEVIL'S DESIRE by Laurie McBain is an exciting, thrill ride of historical romance/suspense set in Regency England. It is a reissued work from 1975. It is well written with details, depth, fast paced, twists, turns and thrill ride to be sure. It has romance, deceit, betrayal, passion, spies, smugglers,defiance, stubborn-willful woman, a determined, arrogant man, adventure,intertwined story throughout, colorful characters, and love of country. The hero, Alex, is arrogant, seductive, a rake, consid [...]

    Devil’s Desire was a wildly popular romance novel that was first published in 1975. It was author Laurie McBain’s first novel, and she continued on to have a very successful career as a romance novelist in the 1970’s and 80’s. Sadly Devil’s Desire had gone out of print, but Sourcebooks has published a new edition of this novel this month.Elysia Demarice is the beautiful daughter of aristocratic parents that has fallen on hard times since her parents’ untimely death in Regency England [...]

    Büşra Bal
    Başları cidden sıkıcı,zaten kızla-üvey teyzesi midir nedir onunla arasındaki ilişki bildiğin kül kedisi masalıa nedensizce uzatılmış,insan eee hadi ne zaman başlıyor falan diye düşünüyor.Tam esas çocuk çıkıyor hareketlenir ortalık diyoruz,çocuğun da babasının arkadaşıyla bir muhabbet ettiği sahne var ki içim bayıldı ve neden bahsettiklerine dair en ufak bir fikrim bile yok.Boşuna yazılmış en az 60 sayfası var yani yazarın,ilerleyince pek beğeneceğimi s [...]

    Bi şeyler eksikti beni içine çekemedi kitap bitsin diye sayfaları hızlı hızlı çevirdim diyebilirim. Kızımızın anne babası fayton kazasında ölüyor abiside donanmadayken gemisi batıyor ölüyor(en azından öldü sanılıyor) bunun üzerine üvey teyzesi kızı alıyor anne babasına garezi varmış geçmişten kıza kötü davranıyor istemediği biriyle evlendirecekken kız kaçıyor marki ile karşılaşıyor sonra markiye garezi olan birini oyunu sonucu markiyle evleniyor fal [...]

    In Devil's Desire Laurie McBain is not afraid to have her romantic lead go through a tortuous path of trials and tribulations.It opens with Elysia after she'd been orphaned and been taken advantage of by an aunt that she'd had no previous contact with. As the nonstop abuse is destroying her spirit, Elysia takes matters into her own hands and runs away. Her first attempt at freedom shows how unprepared she is for the world. But she's smart, beautiful and in the right place at the right time - and [...]

    Tracy T.
    An oldie but goodie! Very good audible narration.I really enjoyed listening to this story. I do believe I read this book back in the 1970's. But wanted to give the audible a try. I liked the characters, and character development. I did think that Alex the hero of the story was a bit too hard and cold, but still likable. Elysia, the heroine, was a strong for the most part, she had her stupid moments though. The story had a little mystery, deceit, smuggling, and romance.There was not much dialogue [...]

    This is the first book by Laurie McBain that I have read. I had thought that this would be a great bodice ripper but I wouldn't category it as such, it's more of an old school romance. The writing was really good and they story flowed nicely.Elysia (h) had lived the life of a much loved daughter until her parents were killed in a carriage accident. She then went to live with an aunt who hated her and treated her as a maid. The day she found out that the aunt was going to force her to marry an ol [...]

    Jessica B
    This was either a free or very cheap read on the Kindle. While it wasn't the best story I have ever read and it was a little slow to get going it was still entertaining. The first half of the book was for around 2 stars and the second half was probably closer to 4 stars. So I met int he middle with 3 stars.Elysia had a good family and a good home and a really good life until her parents die and her brother is missing. Her evil aunt takes her home and treats her horribly making her clean and slee [...]

    Robin Dilks
    Beautifully well written. A trip in time with characters that she brings to life with passion and character.

    Giselle Bradley
    DNF'd 10% in. This book was just really boring to me and I didn't enjoy the writing or characters at all.

    leído en Junio 2012

    PUBLISHING INFO: Avon, 1975REISSUED: Sourcebooks, 11/2010GENRE: Historical RomanceSETTING: EnglandAUTHOR IMAGE: linkMY GRADE: DSPOILER REVIEW: This was awful. I don't know what year this took place or how old Alex and Elysia are. I'm going to assume this was the 1800's, possibly 1700's. Elysia's parents and brother died two years before and she's been living with her abusive and mentally ill aunt since. Her aunt is her mother's step-sister and she's extremely jealous of her, has been since they [...]

    เลดี้เอลีเซียสาวน้อยแสนสวยผู้กำพร้าต้องตกอยู่ในอุ้งมืของป้าที่เกลียดชังเธอ ความโหดร้ายที่ประสบทำให้เธอต้องหนีเอาตัวรอด เมื่อเดินทางอย่างเดียวดายและยากเข็ญผ่านชนบทอังกฤษ [...]

    Blodeuedd Finland
    Plot:Elysia is an orphan and is staying with her horrible aunt who treats her like dirt. Trying to get away she is caught in a marriage of convenience, with Lord Alex Trevegne, a man called the Devil. She takes her away to his castle, and they clash at every turn. My thoughts:I am going to be brutally honest, I hated the hero. I mean I love a good tortured hero, but Alex, was an ass. He was cruel, angry, hot tempered, mean, hated him. He wants her, he plays games with her to get her to succumb t [...]

    Regan Walker
    Early Regency Still EntertainingAn early Regency romance and the author’s first novel, published in 1975, DEVIL’S DESIRE sold over a million copies. It tells the Cinderella-like story of an orphaned young woman, Elysia, raised in aristocracy but reduced to rags by an evil, jealous aunt. She escapes that cruelty only to find herself manipulated into a compromising position with a hardened rake, Lord Alex Trevegne.McBain’s style included long narrative passages at the beginning that slowed t [...]

    How awesome is it that some of these older romances are being re-released (and made available on Kindle in the process)?!? Pretty freaking awesome if you ask me! :)Well this was Laurie McBains first and I am afraid it shows. The author spends to much time on things that don't really matter to the story and to little time on the things that do. The book feels somewhat fragmented and I can almost see the plotting in her mind 'first this must happen, then that, gotta get this in here because that w [...]

    it reminded me of a bit of georgette Heyer. the hero is dark and brooding and there are some gothic undertones. the heroine is likeable and the romance enjoyable. the heroine's parents die and she goes to live with a step sister of her mother who due to jealousy treats her as a menial. she eventually runs away and comes to a lodging house. she meets the hero and a small time villain. the villain ensures that the h/h are found in compromising circumstances and the hero forces the h to marry him. [...]

    Rereading this 25 years later!I think I liked it better the first time. She told herself she loved him, but didn't trust her husband enough to tell her she wasn't having an affair. He knew she was a virgin when he married her but of course if she is meeting some mysterious man, she must be having an affair with him, so then he has to make her believe that he is leaving her in the country so he can resume his affair with the woman he loves in London of them so dramatic and so imature!SO much dram [...]

    Grace Elliot
    After a shaky start this book blossoms into a genuinely satisfying read, pushing all the right buttons for a Bodice Ripper/ historical romance fan. This is the first book by this author I have read and initially I thought it might be the last - the reason? An old fashioned 'tell not show' style in the first 2 chapters where by oodles of back story were expounded. Once that was over with and the action started, the narrative picked up wonderfully. Devil's Desire was written in 1975 and is testame [...]

    I have re-read this book so many times I have gone through 3 different copies. Classic strong arrogant lord H and the poor abused beautiful h are both tricked into a marriage neither one wants at first. H gets over the forced marriage first but when he's rebuked by h he becomes cold and hurtful. The h almost dies and H finally shows his feelings. I wish H had to grovel more but he does seem to really regret he's previous actions. The scene of him braking her childhood doll always gets to me.

    This was recommended by an Discussion, but it didn't do it for me. Premise of the story: They hated each other and because of that hate they loved each other, Huh??? I did love the heroine though even though she did have a stupid reason for loving him. Old time book- you might like it if you like this style.

    I'm giving up on this book now. I'm tired of seeing it on my currently reading shelf. It's been months and I can't even bring myself to finish it even though I got half way through. The heroine's personality lacks spark, and the "rake" hero marrying her so quickly because he compromised her was too ridiculous to buy into. I've read historical for years, and still can't buy into that theme.

    8/21/2015: i've read this book several times, this time i listened. the audio narration is well done and very enjoyable. and, for me, the story still holds up. Alex was quite the mean bastard to Elysia, but makes up for that in the end. Elysia had plenty of spunk and intelligence without any whiny stuff, a definite plus.

    Lu une première fois il y a 6 ans, je n'en n'avais pas gardé le souvenir, même si je l'avais noté 4/5 alors.Quelques années après, et beaucoup de lectures depuis, je revise la note à la baisse. C'est de la vieille romance, qu'on prend toujours plaisir à lire, mais pas assez efficace et un peu old age.

    I love Elysia's personality.

    Awesome book! Goes on the keeper shelf :)

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