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  • Title: Matthew's Story: From Sinner to Saint
  • Author: Tim LaHaye Jerry B. Jenkins
  • ISBN: 9780399156212
  • Page: 227
  • Format: Hardcover

  • The new novel in the Jesus Chronicles, the bestselling series from the authors of the Left Behind novels Levi was studying to be a priest, but when an unspeakable tragedy befalls his family, he turns his back on his faith and decides to pursue riches and luxury instead He becomes a tax collector, disappointing his family and reviled by Jews and Romans alike And althou The new novel in the Jesus Chronicles, the bestselling series from the authors of the Left Behind novels Levi was studying to be a priest, but when an unspeakable tragedy befalls his family, he turns his back on his faith and decides to pursue riches and luxury instead He becomes a tax collector, disappointing his family and reviled by Jews and Romans alike And although he is a success, his chosen trade does not bring him contentment When he hears about Jesus, the man who some are saying is the prophesied Messiah, he begins a quest that leads him to question his very existence As he follows Jesus and records His words and deeds, Levi is shaken to the core and transformed Renamed Matthew by Jesus literally gift from God he is called to give up his work and his worldly possessions and claims Jesus as his Lord.Matthew s Story is a novel that brings to life the most unlikely of apostles a sinner turned saint and his time with the Lord Thrilling and uplifting, Matthew s Story shows how the true Messiah changed the life of one man, and forever altered the course of history.
    Tim LaHaye Jerry B. Jenkins
    Timothy Tim F LaHaye was an American evangelical Christian minister, author, and speaker, best known for the Left Behind series of apocalyptic fiction, which he co wrote with Jerry B Jenkins.He has written over 50 books, both fiction and non fiction.


    Dempse Kb
    So far it's the best of the bunch. I'm reading them out of order apparently. I'm always nervous about books starring Jesus, but they represented him in a good way sticking to scripture for the most part. The story of Matthew basically proves I had never even thought about who wrote it. YES I recognize that there is no proof it was written by the apostle Matthew who was the Tax Collector, as this book presumes, but it was still an interesting story and gives life to the words in the bible.

    Carrie Daws
    I've sometimes wondered about the disciples--who they were, what happened in their lives to get them where they were when they encountered Jesus, what choices they made and heartaches they carried into ministry. I appreciated this look into what might have happened to Matthew that led to his choice to become a tax collector. It was interesting to consider, and while I know that the tales of his youth in these pages are fiction, it makes the man I see in Scripture more real, relatable. More human [...]

    A great look at the life and times of the writer of the first of the New Testament gospels.

    Julia Pope
    This is the third book of the Jesus Chronicles I have read. Unlike the other two (Luke and John), this one was a little hard to read in the first few chapters. It's only because it is about the death of Levi's infant brother. But all I had to do was keep reading, knowing there's a great story ahead.I was right. My impression of this one was, it was written so that the big issue of young people following Jesus, and a lot of times they don't want to do it right away, is nothing new. It dates back [...]

    Randy Tramp
    Matthew's Story gave me a front row seat to the greatest event in human history. From anger to revenge to realization to transformation, Matthew went.Although I've read Matthew's account many times, this story shed a new light on the gospel. I'll never again read the book of Matthew the same way.I enjoy getting to know Biblical characters. After all, I'll be spending eternity with them. Now I know Matthew a little better.I experienced the words on the pages. Remembering my first times. Hearing a [...]

    Charles Franklin
    This book does an incredible job of showing the humanity of Jesus' disciples, particularly Matthew. We often treat disciples as perfect, flawless beings but this book takes a different approach. It shows Matthew as a flawed, human being who is transformed. This makes Matthew's story a more powerful and engaging story.

    although it's fictional so far I'm enjoying it. it's makes sense why Matthew would become a tax collector after tragedy strikes and believed he wss doing best for his life. it's even more amazing how he felt he didn't need priesthood or God in his life but then shows up, and realized he needs Jesus more than ever and once again united to his true calling as a priest like figure for the Christ. What I have gathered from this novel is that Levi (later called Matthew by Jesus) suffers and grieves o [...]

    Colette Byfield
    Considering how famous Matthew's gospel is, I was expecting a truly riveting novel. Unfortunately, the authors chose to abandon the fictional part of the story very early.Broken into 3 parts, the first part of this book explain's Matthew's childhood and the horrific act that set him on the path to tax collection. I noticed dialogue problems here and the authors seemed to have a tough time vocalizing the thoughts of a child authentically. Most of Matthew's feelings and thoughts for the rest of th [...]

    This is a fictional telling of Matthew's story, his life before meeting and following Jesus. Although it does include the Book of Matthew after the story, it does not claim to be the actual biography of Matthew. I do like how it portrayed Matthew as being the sinful tax collector, Levi, whose outlook changed after investigating, meeting, and following Jesus. These books do offer another look at the life of the first apostlesbut personally, I feel that the life portrayed is still slightly moderni [...]

    Written in the simplistic language of the Left Behind Series, this is a fictisious story of what might have been the life of Matthew, a tax collector, who ultimately became one of Jesus’ disciples. Levi is a young boy destined to become a Jewish priest when a horrible event happens in his family. It leaves him tragically marked and he turns away from God. Later in the story he becomes a tax collector. Eventually he meets Jesus who names him Matthew, “Gift from God”. I don’t want to give [...]

    A good read. This book is the story of Matthew's life - Matthew's Story, as imagined by Tim LaHaye. How much of it is true, I don't know. Did Matthew actually have a brother who was killed by Herod's solders in an attempt to kill the Christ Child in the neighborhood of Bethlehem? Somehow, I doubt it. But there are facts that are from the New Testament book that are made into a part of the story. The final third or so of the book is a translation of the New Testament book of Matthew. By reading M [...]

    With some current issues in my life I've found myself questioning the purpose of my life of life in general. Therefore, I have taken more of an interest in religion for guidance and strength. Although this book, as well as the others in this series are considered to be fictional novels because it cannot be determined to what degree the actual story is based on truth, I take comfort in knowing much of this book, as well as the others in this series, have been taken from actual biblical scriptures [...]

    Levi is a boy destined for the Jewish priesthood. As the story begins his little brother, Chavivi, is murdered by Herod the Great's men. Herod's men have been given the order to kill every male two years old and under in Herod's kingdom in hopes of killing the coming Messiah, the King of the Jews. Levi is traumatized by this tragedy and turns against God relinquishing his claim to be a priest. He also finds a way to get back at Herod's government with his career choice as a tax collector. This n [...]

    It begins slowly, but becomes more interesting in Part 2. Jenkins is an excellent story teller and gives real depth to his characters. This is an interesting possibility for the life of Matthew. The greatest part of course is the change that is effected in Matthew after encountering Jesus. That's how it is with all of us. Jesus loved him just as he was--questions, doubts, anger and all. This is fiction based on the wonderful imagination of the authors, but is a good telling of the events found i [...]

    A compelling and intriguing novelization of the gospel of Matthew. Levi is studying to become a priest, until the soldiers of Herod kill his infant brother following Herod’s reception of the Magi. The entire experience leads him to abandon anything related to the pursuit of God and to become a tax collector, both out of bitterness and a desire to punish himself. He becomes wealthy at the expense of his people but takes no pleasure in it; he does it simply because he needs people to hate him, a [...]

    Karen Sage
    Enjoyed the way Matthews story was told like a great novelbut wonder how much of his early years was based on truth and how much was fiction.ked the way the later part of the story drew you in, making you imagine you were right there with Jesus as he taught and through his death and resurrection.ry intriguing read . Read while we were studying the book of Matthew during Bible study.

    Deja Lenae
    This allowed me see Matthew with more compassion and just in an entirely new light together. Also, that comforting side of Jesus and though most of these books are filled with scriptures I read in the Bible all the time, they helped to bring context and really enlighten me on some things that happened and were said. I can see why some people would not like it as much as I do, but I tend to learn and get to know better in story format. Just how my mind works! So sad the series is over :/

    The Jesus Chronicles is a series of fiction books written by Tim LeHaye and Jerry B. Jenkins. The books are based on characters and events in the Bible, and scripture highlights are also in the back of this book. Matthew wrote while following Jesus', and it begins with the earlier days of Levi (The Tax Collector). Even though it was fiction, I felt it described in the authors' words what they believe to be true from the scripture. I felt I was there and enjoyed the story.

    Amy Vanderburg
    This book had every emotion possible in it I cried alot, laughed and got angry The beginning is really good, It goes through Levi's (Young Matthew's) Life and why he was the way he way, then his transformation into a believer. The latter part of the book disappointed a little because it totally gets of the story telling for a while and just puts direct scripture quotes But I still enjoyed it and It got me to cry so it must be a good book (Who am I kidding I cry at everything)

    Susan Pope
    Of all the Jesus Chronicles, Matthew's Story is my favorite. The story starts when Matthew was a young boy and his younger brother was murdered by Herod's soldiers. His parents were grooming him to be a priest but Matthew has other ideas. He became an embittered tax collector. Follow this story of a dramatic change in him and how he became a disciple of Jesus Christ.

    Rusty Fulling
    July 2010 - Fascinating story about a shrewd tax collector named Levi that became one of the 12 disciples of Jesus. In this creative novel, LaHaye & Jenkins bring insight to the culture of Jewish tradition of 2000 years ago. Levi would eventually become known as Matthew and literally rewrite history.

    Pat Baratta
    Interesting reading. Learned that Matthew, "The Tax Collector" was originally called Levi. However, when Jesus told him to leave everything and follow him, Jesus changed his name to Matthew.I remembered there were two aposles named James. James & his brother John, the sons of Zebedee. But the other James was Matthew's younger brother. I never knew this.

    Novel read like a 1950s biblical screen play - but when quoting the New Testament, there is not much else you can do. Levi's character had some depth, followed by his parents, the other characters were rendered as in the Bible. Disappointed that the book ended at Jesus' ascension. Read the novel expecting an afterwards.

    Sue Boros
    Well, I'm not sure where I found this book. I suppose it was in a box picked up at a recent yard sale. This book is to be a novel based on the transformation of the life of Levi, house of Alphaeus, to Matthew, disciple of Jesus of Nazareth. I'll give it one star. It was interesting to read the author's take on life during that time for the Jews and their Roman masters.

    How could I not enjoy this book! Even though it's written as a novel, Matthew's Story was written right out of the Gospel of Matthew. Beautifully told from the first person and there were times when my heart was deeply touched the truth of Jesus Christ's time with his disciples and the selection of the 12 Apostles.

    Picked it up on a whim during a trip to the library. Was pleasantly suprised. We all know that Matthew as the hated tax collector. This gives him a background story. To after the crucifixion. As soon as I finished I was on the laptop reserving Mark, Luke, & John.

    Sandra Ziesmer
    Interesting insight into incidental occurrences along the way. Very biblically accurate in my opinion. Almost all of Jesus words straight from Scripture, and includes the complete Gospel of Mark in the back.

    When reading the Bible sometimes it's hard to see the big picture. LaHaye and Jenkins have successfully created a story so that you can see the Gospel in a fresh way. I connected even more with this book and can't wait to dive back into the Gospel of Matthew again.

    Ava Pennington
    Fictional account of what the authors imagined Matthew's life to be. Early chapters were a bit of a leap in that they had Matthew rebelling as a teen against his parents and going off to train and apprentice as a tax collector without their approval, yet they maintained contact.

    This is the second book in the series that I've read and I love the way the authors draw you into the character's story. It's not too dramatic and not too far fetched. You get insight into the life of "Levi" Matthew, before he was called to follow Christ. I thought it was great.

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