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  • Title: The Silver Chalice
  • Author: Thomas B. Costain
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 380
  • Format: Hardcover

  • The Silver Chalice is an English language historical novel by Thomas B Costain It s the fictional story of the making of a silver chalice to hold the Holy Grail itself here conflated with the Holy Chalice includes 1st century biblical historical figures Luke, Peter, Joseph of Arimathea, Simon Magus his companion Helena The story was inspired by theThe Silver Chalice is an English language historical novel by Thomas B Costain It s the fictional story of the making of a silver chalice to hold the Holy Grail itself here conflated with the Holy Chalice includes 1st century biblical historical figures Luke, Peter, Joseph of Arimathea, Simon Magus his companion Helena The story was inspired by the archeological discovery of a 1st century silver chalice in Antioch It s in effect a prequel to the Arthurian Legend, where the search for the Holy Grail plays a conspicuous part Two years after publication, Warner Bros released a feature adaptation of the book The film starred Paul Newman, in his 1st studio role, as Basil the craftsman First published in 1952, this classic recounts the story of Basil, a young silversmith, who s commissioned by the apostle Luke to fashion a holder for the cup Jesus used at the Last Supper.
    Thomas B. Costain
    Costain was born in Brantford, Ontario to John Herbert Costain and Mary Schultz He attended high school there at the Brantford Collegiate Institute Before graduating from high school he had written four novels, one of which was a 70,000 word romance about Maurice of Nassau, Prince of Orange These early novels were rejected by publishers.His first writing success came in 1902 when the Brantford Courier accepted a mystery story from him, and he became a reporter there for five dollars a week He was an editor at the Guelph Daily Mercury between 1908 and 1910 He married Ida Randolph Spragge 1888 1975 in York, Ontario on January 12, 1910 The couple had two children, Molly Mrs Howard Haycraft and Dora Mrs Henry Darlington Steinmetz Also in 1910, Costain joined the Maclean Publishing Group where he edited three trade journals Beginning in 1914, he was a staff writer for and, from 1917, editor of Toronto based Maclean s magazine His success there brought him to the attention of The Saturday Evening Post in New York City where he was fiction editor for fourteen years.In 1920 he became a naturalized U.S citizen He also worked for Doubleday Books as an editor 1939 1946 He was the head of 20th Century Fox s bureau of literary development story department from 1934 to 1942.In 1940, he wrote four short novels but was enough of an editor not to send them out He next planned to write six books in a series he called The Stepchildren of History He would write about six interesting but unknown historical figures For his first, he wrote about the seventeenth century pirate John Ward aka Jack Ward In 1942, he realized his longtime dream when this first novel For My Great Folly was published, and it became a bestseller with over 132,000 copies sold citation needed The New York Times reviewer stated at the end of the review there will be no romantic adventure lover left unsatisfied In January 1946 he retired to spend the rest of his life writing, at a rate of about 3,000 words a day.Raised as a Baptist, he was reported in the 1953 Current Biography to be an attendant of the Protestant Episcopal Church He was described as a handsome, tall, broad shouldered man with a pink and white complexion, clear blue eyes, and a slight Canadian accent He was white haired by the time he began to write novels He loved animals and could not even kill a bug but he also loved bridge, and he did not extend the same policy to his partners He also loved movies and the theatre he met his future wife when she was performing Ruth in the The Pirates of Penzance.Costain s work is a mixture of commercial history such as The White and The Gold, a history of New France to around 1720 and fiction that relies heavily on historic events one review stated it was hard to tell where history leaves off and apocrypha begins His most popular novel was The Black Rose 1945 , centred in the time and actions of Bayan of the Baarin also known as Bayan of the Hundred Eyes Costain noted in his foreword that he initially intended the book to be about Bayan and Edward I, but became caught up in the legend of Thomas a Becket s parents an English knight married to an Eastern girl The book was a selection of the Literary Guild with a first printing of 650,000 copies and sold over two million copies in its first year.His research led him to believe that Richard III was a great monarch tarred by conspiracies, after his death, with the murder of the princes in the tower Costain supported his theories with documentation, suggesting that the real murderer was Henry VII.Costain died in 1965 at his New York City home of a heart attack at the age of 80 He is buried in the Farringdon Independent Church Cemetery in Brantford.


    This is a great HF first published in 1952 and set in the first century chronicling the rise and spread of the Christian faith. In order to tell a more authentic story, Costain uses real characters such as Joseph of Arimithea, Luke, Peter and other Apostles as well as Nero.Basil, the main character, is legally adopted into a wealthy family but when the father dies, his position is usurped by his uncle and he is sold into slavery. Luke finds him as he is a prodigy sculptor and buys him out of sla [...]

    Basil, the son of a poor seller of pens and ink is adopted by a rich merchant in Antioch. The young man is a gifted sculptor and silversmith. Upon the merchant's death, his evil uncle steals his patrimony and sells him into slavery. The book follows his meeting early Christians and at the behest of Joseph of Arimathea [sp.?] he fashions a silver frame for the cup from which Jesus drank at the Last Supper. Basil travels from Antioch to Ephesus then Rome to sculpt the faces of the apostles, which, [...]

    I had never heard of this book until I went to a homeschool bookstore and saw it on the shelves. The back said something about it being a classic, and that immediately caught my attention.The entire book reminded me of Ben-Hur, just at a later time period. It is set quite a few years after the death of Jesus on the cross, and tells the story of a young man named Basil. He, just like Ben-Hur, is sold as a slave and looses his house, lands, and properties. One thing that Basil does have is an amaz [...]

    Jan Brooks
    Glad I had a couple of snowy days to push hard through this book. Read it as part of a challenge--this particular challenge was to read a book that was on the best-seller list on the year that you were born. The idea is to see what the world was like that you were born into.The Silver Chalice is historical fiction about a gifted slave who was tapped to create a chalice for the cup that Christ had used at the Last Supper. So much information about the times--the apostles are aging men facing pers [...]

    L. (Your Migraines Are Podcasts Trying To Be Produced)
    Despite a long and valiant battle to at least reach the middle, I've decided it is no longer worth my time to bother with this book. I don't care about any of the characters. I don't care what's going on. I just don't care. It's time to move on and tackle a more entertaining story.

    Connie Rossini
    This is my favorite of Thomas Costain's novels. If you like both historical fiction and Christian fiction, you will find this story about the cup used at the Last Supper to be a gem. There's lots of excitement, romance, religion, and of course, history.

    Josephine (Jo)
    A lovely old book which tells the fictional story of what became of the cup used by Jesus at the last supper. A young boy named Basil is sold into slavery after the death of his rich adoptive father and he is apprenticed to a silversmith. Basil has a great gift for art which he is not allowed to use whilst working for the silversmith, having to churn out basic items ordered by customers, but as he learns the trade and how to handle silver his gift becomes known. In a round about way Joseph of Ar [...]

    Came across this book in a family library, and what a delightful and timely-read! Right before the holidays! I really enjoyed reading about the Apostles of Christ, especially how Luke was depicted, and the way the time-period was so brought to life. Makes it so much easier to understand, visualize and remember.Especially, I was struck by how Christian philosophies differed from those around them, as we get to read of Basil's conversion. How her realizes that "turning the other cheek" (for a seco [...]

    Susan Stell
    The Silver Chalice is a fictional, but historical novel written around the "making" of the "Silver Chalice," which some people interchange with the "Holy Grail." This novel includes some biblical characters such as the apostle Peter, Luke, etc but also historical characters, and the time period is shortly after the death of Jesus.The story depicts a young man, Basil, who at one time was wealthy, but is sold into slavery by an evil uncle who robs him of his freedom, wealth and all hope for the fu [...]

    Michael Del Camp
    This was a great book I read from my Grandmother's library as a kid. The book is about life in the times contemporaneous with the life of Jesus Christ, from the point of view of those around him, particularly Joseph of Arimathea, a rich elder of the era, who donated his own stone hewn tomb for Jesus' burial after crucified execution, that death from which Jesus arose three days hence. I enjoyed this book tremendously, and recommend it highly. In fact, this author has other titles I never got aro [...]

    This is a wonderful book, which I freely recommend to friends and family. It is interesting in its fictionalization of the post-Resurrection depiction of Christ's apostles and followers. Of course, we may all use our imaginations to flesh out these men (and women) from scriptural reading, but it is fun to read Costain's take on these people. The plot is shifty enough to keep us caring about the main characters and their strivings to better both their temporal and spiritual selves. If you like Th [...]

    This was a great book that taught me about everyday life during the time of the apostles. Even though it was largely through fiction, I learned about the difficulties of transitioning from pre-Christ followers-Jews-to the "new law" of Christianity. It also brought a desire in me to be artistically creative, even though my fruits were poor, the spirit of it was great! The love story was good as well!

    Emily Hope
    This was a wonderful book! It was written 50 years before the DaVinci Code and was also about the beginnings of Christianity. Also like the DaVinci Code it was on the best seller list for multiple years. I read both books in the same summer and it is interesting to see the changing standards of popularity in the world. I really loved this book and would recommend it to anyone.

    I've read this book over and over again and just recently found it in a still unpacked pile of books and read it immediately. I love historical fiction and fiction about the early Church is pretty cool.

    Hanzel Harry Fernandez
    Wow! Reading this book was a great experience. Its story line, the characters, everything makes you so indulged in them that you forget about your outside world. The narration is quite excellent. A must Read One!

    Me and my sweetie stumbled across this author while exploring a used book sale. His stuff is out of print now but what yummy reading! I love this kind of literature. You get lost in the richness of the words, descriptions, etc.

    Read this when I was 13. Re-read it out of curiosity, didn"t remember any of it.

    Terry Tschann Skelton
    Read this as a teen. I loved it then!

    I read this once when I was about 10, one of the particularly Catholic books my stepmother apparently didn't catch when our family moved in with hers - or she would've thrown it out. I thought of it then being a sort of Christian ethic, a C.S. Lewis historical fiction, or a proselytizing Edgar Rice Burroughs about the Holy Grail in early Christendom.It's still those things, though time hasn't been kind to it. Costain's high-and-mighty old-school language sounds more like a gimmick. It does creat [...]

    Linda DiMeo Lowman
    I love historical novels and this one takes place during the reign of Nero when Rome ruled much of the civilized world. It begins in Antioch, moves to Jerusalem, then to Rome and back to Antioch. Several of the apostles are still alive and preaching and it was very dangerous to be a Christian. Both the Jews and the Romans reviled them. The story centers around the cup that Jesus drank from during the last supper and the boy who grows up to make the chalice that surrounds it. While no one knows w [...]

    Natalie Wong
    I want to rate this book higher because it is so well researched, and brings part of the new testament to life. But I had an immensely hard time getting through it. It's not a tough read at all (although standing at 840 pages), the writing is simple and the story straight forward enough. But the way the writing is done (very descriptive) leaves no room for imagination and interpretation and I was, frankly, bored. If I weren't compulsive about finishing books I start I would have dropped it half [...]

    An historical novel set in the early years of Christianity in the Apostolic era, this is the story of Basil of Antioch, an artisan bought out of slavery to fashion a chalice which incorporates the cup Jesus used at the Last Supper, which Joseph of Arimathea had preserved. Read this back in my Junior High/High School years and don't remember much of the plot, but do remember really liking it at the time.

    P.S. Winn
    Everyone who knows religion is curious about the Holy Grail. This story uses Biblical ideas along with fiction to examine the making of a silver chalice. I found the story interesting and thought provoking.

    Great book!

    Janet Williams
    Local silversmith has slave who's work is admired by aristocrats.

    Basil, a slave in first-century Antioch, follows a path from poverty to artisan (with many steps in between) in Thomas B. Costain’s novel, The Silver Chalice. Along the way we see the nascence of Christianity as readers meet Luke, Joseph of Arimathea, Peter, Paul, and many fictional characters who are following this new faith based on the life, teachings, and death/resurrection this rabbi now called the Christ. The narrative of this novel turns on an art commission by the early church leaders. [...]

    Clare D' Lune
    Basil is the artistically gifted hero in the book The Silver Chalice, by Thomas B. Costain, who starts out as the adopted son of a pagan rich man. When his wicked step uncle comes and takes Basil’s entire heritage upon his adopted father’s death, Basil is unsure of what to do. It is a story of the beginnings of the Christian Faith, and how one man, on his quest to change a plain chalice into something extraordinary, slowly finds faith in the one true God.The story takes place in the early ye [...]

    Megan Franks
    I want to give this book 5 stars for the story but only 3 stars because of several theological disagreements I have with the text. I'm settling for 4 stars.Overall, it is a wonderful story set in the early first century after Christ's death. The simple plot line is this: Joseph of Arimathea has hidden away the cup Jesus used during the Last Supper. His dying wish is that someone create a silver casing for it so that it can be preserved always. Enter Basil.Basil is a talented Greek sculptor. He i [...]

    Mark Curry
    If you are interested in the "historical" story of early Christianity and its relationship to the Jewish religion (Zealots) and to the Romans (Nero), that is not too heavy in doctrinal myths, you'll like this. It's a classic, really, and in a fictional historical narrative charts the actions of early converts along with an historical view of Luke, Peter, Joseph of Arimathea, Simon Magus, and the hypothetical story of a silver chalice built to preserve the cup presumably used by Christ at the Las [...]

    Paula Dembeck
    This is an historical novel set in Israel and parts of the Roman Empire shortly after the death of Jesus. Basil is a young boy who has been adopted by a wealthy man, but when Basil’s father dies, he loses his fortune. His Uncle claims he was bought as a slave and therefore sells him. Basil survives by working as a craftsman and silversmith. When Basil becomes a free man and a Christian, he is asked by Joseph of Arimathea to create a silver covering to hold the simple cup Christ used to drink h [...]

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