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  • Title: Releasing Kate
  • Author: Cyna Kade
  • ISBN: 9781419926464
  • Page: 255
  • Format: ebook

  • Book 1 in the Power and Pain series.Kate Logan is unaware of her genetic imprint All her life, she s suppressed the dark longings that haunt her Twenty first century women should not want alpha males to protect or dominate them.Michael Kyle immediately recognizes Kate as his mate He can send violent sexual visions to her but she doesn t seem to understand what that meanBook 1 in the Power and Pain series.Kate Logan is unaware of her genetic imprint All her life, she s suppressed the dark longings that haunt her Twenty first century women should not want alpha males to protect or dominate them.Michael Kyle immediately recognizes Kate as his mate He can send violent sexual visions to her but she doesn t seem to understand what that means She s unaware and untrained.He s ready to show Kate that pain can liberate her pleasure But first, he has to break through her resistance She thinks her needs are wrong and fears her craving to submit to the sexual demands of this dominant man Michael has to be patient gradually increase her sexual pain to free her sexual pleasure and acceptance of her submissive heritage If he rushes the process, or if he can t break through her barriers, she won t survive their mating.
    Cyna Kade
    Cyna Kade started reading science fiction and fantasy when she was ten By age fifteen, she added romance to her reading list Erotica followed much later Cyna belives the best books mix genres and she s followed that belief in her life She s lived in north, east, south and west She s been married and liberated and deeply loves her children She s worked as an x ray tech, a computer programmer, a systems analyst, a university instructor and earned a multidisciplinary Ph.D Hobbies are equally varied, including stained glass and tai chi.


    DNF.uldn't connect with h

    Aղցela W.
    This book was ok. Kate believes she's just another human, albeit with odd desires. In this time of feminism, she craves to belong to a man. Michael not only sees in Kate the submissive she is, but also a member of the Clan, even if she cannot remember it herself, having been adopted as a baby and he won't stop until he makes her his. Kate can't deny she wants Michael but is too afraid to submit to the darkly intense man. So Michael will be patient, wear her down, show her that there's freedom in [...]

    First word to come to mind is wow. Im so NOT in to pain in any level that this book went. But wow I was intrigued. Kate annoyed me a lil bit, well ok Michael annoyed me a lil as well. I saw this as pushing ones bounderies. That is always intense. The story line I liked also though wasnt sure if it was explained enough. It was different in a good way. The BDSM scenes were believable. The book had me as soon as I started it. Kate believed as alot of women do. Being a submissive you cant also be a [...]

    DNF - due to content.I actually thought the writing was good for the most part. Some repetition that should have been removed, but the plotline was not bad.The DNF is strictly because of consent.(view spoiler)[I have read plenty of forced seduction stories so that aspect of it didn't bother me so much. In romantic erotic BDSM, for me, consent is quite important. Consent is not real consent when it is given under duress. In this story her consent to pain is given under duress and he moves the goa [...]

    Not my favorite book. I really could have put it down 1/2 through but I did want to see if she finally submitted.

    The first half of this book gave me nightmares. (Seriously. Literal nightmares. The workplace harassment stuff really bothered me.) The disclaimer at the beginning says that it's not an accurate presentation of bdsm practices. I think that not trying to set the story in the real world would have made it easier for me to suspend my disbelief about that. (Less gender essentialism would have helped, as well.)The story starts off with me thinking that Michael is a total creeper as he basically stalk [...]

    djdavis~*Sivad*Sex Pocket
    I honestly can't say how this book made me feel. Kind of like Kate, it was arousing, painful to read about, weird, confusing, hot as hell, but again weird.There wasn't really a full story her. Michael is part of a clan that links with mates in order to have strong, violent, but pleasurable sex. He's been away from Sanctuary (which I assume is where this group of Clan live) for a while searching for a woman that can satisfy his needs, with hopes of finding his mate. There isn't much information g [...]

    Good story - erotic and intense!Releasing Kate is the story of a contemporary woman who is not what she believes herself to be. Michael is a member of the Clan, a group that, for the most part, live apart from the rest of society in a Sanctuary. Their DNA makes the males dominant and the females submissive in culture not understood by the average human. Kate, orphaned at a young age, has the same DNA, but does not realize it. Kate lives as one of those average humans, strong and successful in he [...]

    i rarely don't finish a book but i have to drop this one. :( this was the final straw. " "Let me go.” “You seemed to enjoy it. If you don’t like a little domination, why were you wet? Why did you climax when I hurt you a little?" "uh that's physiology.This is not a hero. This is a rapist, no matter how many times he says he wants her to say she submits. badgering and drugging a woman is vile, it is not sexy, it is so problematic to keep perpetuating rape culture. The writing itself was tig [...]

    Jo Notary
    182p Kate Logan is unaware of her genetic imprint. All her life, she 19s suppressed the dark longings that haunt her. Twenty-first-century women should not want alpha males to protect or dominate them.Michael Kyle immediately recognizes Kate as his mate. He can send violent sexual visions to her but she doesn 19t seem to understand what that means. She 19s unaware and untrained.He 19s ready to show Kate that pain can liberate her pleasure. But first, he has to break through her resistance. She t [...]

    I was not impressed with this story. There was lots of repetition and not enough actual explanation on some points. It took lots of time to get to the physical aspect but it didn't do much for me either. Some things that were alluded to were just too extreme for me and some of it turns out to be a mind fantasy that the male lead sends to the female's mind. There is not enough explanation about the "Clan", how did they come to be, why are they the way that they are, and what exactly are they? The [...]

    There was a level of weirdness to the story that bugged me. The hero, Michael, is "something". But what? Is he human with ESP or another species? Is he supernatural, alien, what? He is "clan" and he's from "Sanctuary". But we never know what all that means, beyond a group of people who are somehow mind-linked together (I think) and they like pain with their sex…at is, female submissive pain meted out by male dominants. There was too much emphasis on pain and lust and not enough on real love, I [...]

    Mad Giles (Giles A. Madding)
    Not Much of a Release1.75 StarsThe one thing I can truly compliment on this one is the disclaimer expressing that this does not show an accurate presentation of BDSM relationships was a good move on the part of the author and probably kept some of the criticisms for some aspects of the story down to a minimum.This story turned out to not be my particular cup of tea sadly. I had hopes for the concept of “the Clan” after reading the blurb, but it was never explained in a way that made it feel [...]

    I picked this book up for Free on one day on a whim. Not my usual type of book, but hey it was FREE and it didn't disappoint either.Kate is a lab tech at a hospital - she is helping out in the emergency room when she meets him. The ONE! Michael. He is everything she craves and wants, yet she is terrified of him at the same time. He teaches her how to open up, how to explore her sexuality, and how to respond to him and only him. There are some pretty intense scenes, but nothing that would make y [...]

    There was just too many things wrong with this story. I don't mind alpha males, but Michael Kyle was just a tad too much. There is never a clear explanation as to what this "clan" is, which both Michael and Kate are. But the biggest turn off was a conversation between Michael and his father, where Michael says "If I move too fast it will be rape, not seduction, and while part of me would enjoy that, I'm sure she wouldn't." So basically he's saying he would enjoy rape? Yeah, definitively not my k [...]

    Eventually I'm going to find a BDSM/TPE novel that gives me exactly what I need and floors me by its sheer awesomeness. This was a good start. It had a paranormal aspect, in its limited erotic narrative it gave me that IT factor. Two major downsides were the internal conversations of the female lead and the author never explained the leads ancestry which was supposed to be such a huge part of who she was and whole reason behind her sexual desires that she shared with her mate. The story was left [...]

    Kayla Brown
    I got this book for free on my NookColor (yeah I still have the old nook) and well I'm not surprised its free. The plot lacked explanation. it was like making me have to piece a puzzle only to realize most of the pieces aren't there so I have to imagine what the full image was. Kate was rather irritating. I found myself wishing she'd either grow up or Well die /: The book wasn't bad, but it does have some room for improvement. After reading this book, I know I will not read any other story from [...]

    This book was very different than I expected. I bought it almost a year ago and found it when uploading all my books to my new Kindle. I was expecting more of a wolf clan story. I was drawn into the story right away and was intrigued by Michael right from the start. He definitely was a powerful character. I enjoyed how he slowly broke down Kate's barriers. Although it was different than I expected, I did enjoy this book very much!

    Well hot damn. That was intense. This was a free Nook Book I downloaded that promised to be hot and steamy and boy did it deliver. The writing was a bit atrocious at times and the internal struggle that Kate went through throughout the book was downright annoying. But if I take it for what it is, it was enjoyable. Interesting concept and idea too.

    What can I say, this book was painful to read. The characters were less than one dimensional, if that is possible. There is no plot to speak of. Michael is a whiny Dom and Kate is a befuddled sub. I have enjoyed well written captive/coerced novels but this was not one of them.

    A.R. Von
    This is my first time reading anything from this author and I see lots of possibilities. I felt a bitlost at times. More background information was needed. ESPECIALLY on the whole clan thing. Could be great with more detail and less repetition.2.5 rounded to a 2 rating.

    freebie book.


    Michelle Preece
    damn i thought I would explode, what a great read

    Terri Pray
    Not one to read if you're looking for light BDSM.

    Miss OP
    freebie book.

    Matu Nila
    Not for me. I don't like BDSM stories which are just abuse, dressed up as BDSM. And that's what it was like in this book. The supernatural twist wasn't also to my likings.

    DNF'd -horrible world building and filled with repetitiveness.


    Great story but abrupt ending.

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