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  • Title: Fiela's Child
  • Author: Dalene Matthee Stephen Gray
  • ISBN: 9780143185437
  • Page: 243
  • Format: Paperback

  • In Africa a child wanders too far into the Knysna Forest He never returns Nine years later, two government officials, working on a census, find a white child living with a Coloured family in the mountains on the other side of the forest They take him away from the stricken Fiela, who has brought him up, and give him back to his original family Whipped into using a neIn Africa a child wanders too far into the Knysna Forest He never returns Nine years later, two government officials, working on a census, find a white child living with a Coloured family in the mountains on the other side of the forest They take him away from the stricken Fiela, who has brought him up, and give him back to his original family Whipped into using a new name and calling strangers ma and pa , Benjamin is so stunned that the cannot cry and waits for Fiela to reclaim him But Fiela, powerless before authority, never comes So Benjamin has to grow up before he can go in search of the truth.
    Dalene Matthee Stephen Gray
    Dalene Matthee nee Scott matriculated in 1957 and went on to study music at a conservatorium in Oudtshoorn as well as at the Holy Cross Covent in Graaff Reinet.Before gaining fame and wide acclaim for her first forest novel , she also wrote stories for magazines as well as two popular novels n Huis vir Nadia A House for Nadia 1982 and Petronella van Aarde, burgemeester Petronella van Aarde, Mayor 1983.Kringe in n bos Circles in a forest 1984 , a novel about the extermination of the elephants and the exploitation of the woodcutters of the Knysna forest, was an international success Two other highly successful forest novels followed Fiela se Kind Fiela s Child in 1985 and Moerbeibos The Mulberry Forest in 1987 Fiela s Child and Circles in a forest were filmed She also won numerous literary prizes for her works.After a short sickbed caused by heart failure, she died in Mossel Bay, South Africa She was survived by her three daughters her husband, Larius, died in 2003.


    Emma Deplores Goodreads Censorship
    This is one of those hidden gems that makes random used-book-sale buying worthwhile. Fiela’s Child is so good that I’m surprised it isn’t more widely read (the creepy 80s cover might have something to do with it).The book revolves around two families in nineteenth-century South Africa. The Van Rooyens, a white family, live in the dense Forest near the southern coast, where the husband, Elias, turns trees into beams and dreams of striking it rich by killing an elephant. The Komoeties, a bla [...]

    Lark Benobi
    A very enjoyable read that occasionally veered to far in the direction of sentimental, and on other occasions in the direction of over-drama. I'm glad to have read it though because it gave me a rich and complicated picture of rural South African culture under apartheid.

    I read this book in English: Fiela's Child. I loved this book so much, I think it will be next year's summer reading assignment. Translated from Africaans to English, the story is set in South Africa in the late 19th century. The story opens set in a heavy forest where the primary mode of earning a living is through timber. At the beginning, a four year old boy wanders off and is lost in the heavy fog and thick forest. There are frequent references to the "bigfeet," as the elephants are called. [...]

    Brad Philpot
    'Fiela's Child' is a great novel. It's perfect for high school students. It's on the Prescribed Literature in Translation list (IB). It makes use of my favorite narrative technique, free indirect speech with multiple perspectives. And what's more, all of the complicated racial issues are in the backdrop. It's more about a boy finding out who he is. I highly recommend this novel.

    Rebekah O'Dell
    I usually immediately sit down and fire off a review upon finishing a book. However, I needed time to ruminate on this one. I needed to let the book simmer in my mind. In a way, I just couldn't think of anything to say about this book beyond simple gushing. Sometimes I feel like my enjoyment and appreciation of a book is inversely proportionate to the number of words I can find to describe it.In rural South Africa, three-year-old boy Lukas van Rooyen wanders into the forest, becomes lost, and pr [...]

    Winnie Bertrand
    A really good and different story about a poor black faring family in South Africa bringing up a lost white child.

    Jolieg G
    306 pagina,s en levendig beschreven.Wist trouwens niet dat slagtanden an olifanten zo zwaar kunnen zijn.Triest dat er daardoor jacht op de olfanten wordt gemaakt maar het hoort "gewoon" bij dit verhaal.Ook leuk om te lezen hoe het met de struisvogels gaat :-)Vond het een mooi boek en wilde dan ook graag weten hoe het nu met hem verder zou gaanWie is hij?? Aan het eind van het boek weten we in elk geval "wie niet"De moeite waard!!

    A story of two families as different as they could be, and a court that wasn't as wise as Solomon when asked to choose between two women claiming the same child. Fiela Komoetie, living on the open veld, raised her white "hand-child" (adopted child) Benjamin with all the love she gave her other children, and then some, though half-knowing that the government wasn't going to allow the child to stay with her when they found out. At the other end of a landscape of contrasts, in a dark forest, lived [...]

    I picked this up in the airport in Johannesburg, in preparation for the long 14 hour flight home. It grabbed me at once. The story takes place in South Africa in the late 19th century, and judging from the acknowledgements and list of sources, the story has some basis in fact. A young white boy appears at the doorstep of Fiela, a coloured woman who takes him in and raises him as her own. About the same time, the son of a white woodcutter strays into the forest and is never found. Years later, a [...]

    All that Benjamin has known is life in the forest with Fiela as his mother. Never mind that his skin is white and hers is colored Then the census takers come and take Benjamin, stating he is the child that went missing nine years before. Benjamin's entire identity is shattered as he is forced to live with another family and call them Ma and Pa. As an adult, he searches for his true identity. It took me awhile to get into this one, but I suspect that was because of schedule and having a week gap [...]

    I loved this book so much after reading it in high school that I did not resell my "school-edition" copy.A lot of South African literature deals with our colour-obsessed history (both past and current), but I think that the most effective way to get the point across is to leave off rattling off statistics and illustrate how each and every individual in this country has been affected. Dalene Matthee achieves this by focusing on the lives of two families who each feel that they have the right to a [...]

    Library Lady
    Based on a true story, this recounts what happens when a white boy is unofficially adopted by an African woman in nineteenth century South Africa. When Fiela finds Ben on her doorstep, she takes him in as her own, never mind their different skin colors, or the fact that the authorities may soon come and take him away. But eventually Ben is taken away and forced to live with a family that claims he is their lost son. But Ben never truly feels like a part of their familyI read this book for a worl [...]

    Zoe Zuniga
    This was a beautifully written mood piece about a black family that take in a white trash baby and raise him as their own. eventually he is recognized and taken back by his white family who are not nearly as wise and loving as his own adopted family. the book gives a very vivid feeling of south africa. and it is a great coming of age story.

    This book surprised me - in a good way. I found myself unexpectedly captivated by both the author's style and the story itself. Overall a compelling story, though the ending was, perhaps, a little too neat.

    Robert Hambrock
    Piece of shit. Typical South African literature.

    Wow, this book was a hard one to read.First of all, Dalene Matthee was a brilliant writer, and I think I will be picking up another of her books once again. This book was so realistic, so poetic, and it wasn't originally written in English people! She had a way of getting you so caught up in each of the characters lives, each of them had such unique problems that somehow all revolved around this one boy. She used humour in subtle, innocent ways, and was also brave enough to write about such a cr [...]

    Heather Jacobsen
    I found this book at an airBnB when I was on vacation and took it home with me. Its a well-told story, based on a true one, of white boy who gets left at the door of a Coloured woman's house, in South Africa in the late 1800s. The woman takes him in and lovingly rears him as her own child. Until a white man comes and take him away, saying he does not belong to her, and places him with a family that works him hard and is by no means loving (this is not really a spoiler, since it says something si [...]

    Michael d'Offay
    Outstanding. A true South African classic.

    Ek het die boek baie geniet. Sien uit daarna om nog van haar boeke te lees.

    This was a book I was required to read a year ago for school, but honestly I didn’t expect to enjoy it as much as I did! The story is about a boy who tries to find his identity between a white and colored family. As I was reading, there was even a plot twist that made me physically close the book for a minute to think about what had happened, which is how I know a book is good! This was hands down the best book I had to read in high school!

    Bought this South Africa, where it is set. Reread again for a class a few years ago. Heart-wrenching. Beautifully written.

    Ai, maak nie saak hoeveel keer ek Fiela se kind lees nie, dit bly maar altyd vir my 'n mooi boek!!!

    I feel as though I need to give a little background to explain what this book started off being and what it ended up becomingThis year for school, one of the books that we have to read for Afrikaans (which is a South African language that is similar to Dutch and is taught in schools) isFiela se Kind . I saw the English version of this book in my school library and I decided to read it to make learning it in Afrikaans easier. What I did, was summarize each and every chapter which was easy in the [...]

    Bianca Guiteau
    Title: Fiela’s ChildAuthor: Dalene MattheeRating: 4.5/5I had to read this novel for, and I actually enjoyed this contemporary classic.Synopsis: In Africa a child wanders too far into the Knysna Forest. He never returns. Nine years later, two government officials, working on a census, find a white child living with a Coloured family in the mountains on the other side of the forest. They take him away from the stricken Fiela, who has brought him up, and give him back to his 'original' family. Wh [...]

    Actual rating is a 4.5 star. I liked this book. I was surprised because I had to read it for literature class and that should have been enough to turn me off from it, but here I am actually writing a review.For a book my literature teacher practically had to force me to read, it's really good. In fact, I finished it way before I had to because after he told us to read chapter 1, 2 and 3, I just had to figure out what happened next. This book has mystery, suspense, romance, action, and ofcourse, [...]

    Huda Abdulaziz
    Riveting Story. Vivid Narration. Realistic Characters. The novel is so life-like with its natural settings, simple people and strong relationships. An outburst of emotions linger in me the more I read about their worlds, notably Fiela, Barta, Benjamin and Nina; till the very last chapters I began to cry. Truly, Dalene Matthee conveys her diligent experience and thoughtful imagination with absolute excellence. 

    This book took me forever to read. I finally finished it over Spring Break. It was an interesting story about South Africa in the 1800s. A young boy who is found and raised by an African family is later claimed as a Dutch woodcutting family as their long, lost son. The author is old-fashioned in her telling of it. I believe it is actually a true story. As I began to get into the book, it reminded me of novels by Edna Ferber or Pearl Buck in the grandeur of the language and scope of the story. It [...]

    Susan Eubank
    Here are the questions we discussed at the Reading the Western Landscape Book Club at the Arboretum Library of the Los Angeles County Arboretum & Botanic Garden on March 23, 2016(view spoiler)[• Does this writing seem simplified? Examples? Why? Why not?• What was the point of having the boy be seemingly without fault? Or explain his faults. • Did you believe that this it was all so hard for him to figure out? Why? Why not?• Why didn’t he leave the forest originally? • Why couldn [...]

    Picked this up at the used bookstore on the recommended by our employees shelf. Looked interesting. I had a hard time getting into the book. It could have been the translation. But after the first 50 pages or so I was hooked. Not even sure why. Fascinating story taking place in South Africa in the late 1800s. Something I know absolutely nothing about. Loved loved the character Fiela. After she's been forced to give up the child she's raised she continues to love him and unselfishly encourage him [...]

    Maritza Heuvel
    I read this the first time as a teenager and loved it. The second reading as an adult didn't disappoint. Dalene Matthee paints the world of Knysna before its big boom in such rich language that you can almost hear the elephants in the forest and smell the sea. But what she does most beautifully, is capturing the inner lives and heartache of the two main characters: Benjamin, who is ripped from the only family he has ever known, and Fiela, the woman who raised him as her own. A coming-of-age nove [...]

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