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  • Title: In Your Wildest Dreams
  • Author: Toni Blake
  • ISBN: 9780446614870
  • Page: 148
  • Format: Mass Market

  • The author of The Red Diary pens an irresistible erotic romance about a woman posing as an escort to find her sister, and the sexy bartender who helps her Original.
    Toni Blake
    Toni Blake s love of writing began when she won an essay contest in the fifth grade Soon after, she penned her first novel, nineteen notebook pages long, and announced to her mother over breakfast one day that she was going to be a writer when she grew up Since then, Toni has become the author of than a dozen contemporary romance novels Her work has been excerpted in Cosmo, she s been a recipient of the Kentucky Women Writers Fellowship and a nominee for the prestigious Pushcart Prize, and she s also had than forty short stories and articles published Toni lives in the Midwest and enjoys traveling, genealogy, crafts, and snow skiing.Toni has also written under the name Toni Blair.Photo Cassandra Stella


    I think I'm suffering from a case of "hero worship" with Toni Blake. Has she ever written a bad book? Her heroes are sexy, sultry, swarthy, lusty, brooding hunks that are written with enough faults and shortcomings to give us readers hope that men like them actually exist somewhere on this planet.Jake Broussard fits the TB hero package perfectly. He's a bartender in a New Orleans private club that caters to top-dollar hookers and the rich men who desire their company. Jake is also a dead man wal [...]

    I was disappointed in this modern, romantic suspense set in New Orleans (written just before Hurricane Katrina). As much as I tried to like it, the story didn't move fast enough for me and the heroine (Stephanie) became very annoying. She started out okay, but eluded to having a sexual hang-up that prevented her from getting intimate with Jake (who was a neat character). A lot of leading up (teasing really) and she would break off with "I'm sorry." When she finally revealed her problem, I was ro [...]

    I REALLY liked the last half of this book much more than the first half. The Hero was fantastic, I loved everything about him. The heroine got on my nerve's a bit at the beginning until she finally gave into her feelings for the hero. I cried in several parts of this book, soaking the front of my shirt.So far every Toni Blake book I've read have been really good. I can't wait to read the next one.

    This was an okay book, like a typical Toni Blake it had loads of sexy moments. The heroine Stephanie pretends to be an escort to find her sister Tina, who came down here following her boyfriend, but after being dumped told her she was going into the escort business. Stephanie hasn't heard from her in a while and fears her disapproval may be the reason for that or something bad may have happened. The hero Jake is the bartender of the club she goes to and he can tell straight off she doesn't fit t [...]

    What do you do when your sister has seemingly disappeared from the face of the earth after she told you she was going to be an escort in New Orleans? Well if you are buttoned up Stephanie, you drag your butt down to the Big Easy and start to go to those same places, passing yourself off as an escort, even though you are so far out of your element. It in one such place that Stephanie crosses paths with Jake, an ex-cop, who is working as a bartender. Jake is a very emotionally broken man, one who [...]

    In comparison with other books I read recently which tried to deal with difficult topics as well (view spoiler)[ sexual fear and death of a beloved spouse(hide spoiler)], this one is way above the others in terms of realism and emotions. Obviously this is a romance and not a romantic suspense, the investigation behind to find out Stephanie's sister being more of a background than the core of the meal.I found this book very compelling and difficult to lay down, before the end. The writing was nic [...]

    TBR Challenge 2011--August Category: Steamy Read. In Your Wildest Dreams has been on my TBR list since June 2010.Mild on suspense and long on relationship development, In Your Wildest Dreams is a satisfying and sensual novel. Like many steamy reads, suspension of disbelief is a must. The reader has to buy into the almost instant attraction between the leads, even though neither one is looking for any kind of relationship. At least the male lead, Jake, isn't a horn-dog. The female lead, Stephanie [...]

    Stephanie is in New Orleans looking for her sister whom she has not seen or heard from in a while. And like any other sister she is worried and wants to make sure she is ok. She goes to a place where escorts frequent sol that maybe she can find someone who knows her sister or where she could be. She never thought that meeting a bartender would completely change her life. She never thought that one person could change her outlook on life sex and love. Jake is born and bred in New Orleans who los [...]

    Annie (Under the Covers Book Blog)
    As you may know, I’m quite the Toni Blake fan. WILDEST DREAMS was originally published as In Your Wildest Dreams and takes place in New Orleans featuring a sexy Cajun and a very inquisitive heroine named Stephanie.Stephanie Grant is on a mission. Her sister Tina has been missing. She has spent her life as an high-paid hooker but when Stephanie doesn’t hear from her, she gets worried. At the desparate end, Stephanie poses as a hooker herself, entering the bar where she hopes someone knows her [...]

    Lia Mcintosh
    A woman disguises herself as a high-priced call girl to help find her missing sister in Toni Blake's latest steamy novel, WILDEST DREAMS. It's a sizzling hot romance that takes place in the heart of New Orleans. Jake Broussard is a local New Orleans ex-cop who is now working as a bartender at an exclusive club called the Chez Sophia. Stephanie Grant is a sexually naive woman from Chicago who thinks she can disguise herself as a call girl in order to find her missing younger sister Tina.When the [...]

    Sarah (Head Stuck In A Book)
    Wowza! Wildest Dreams by Toni Blake is a red-hot read with a couple that has sizzling chemistry and who will steam up the pages.Stephanie has come to New Orleans to hunt for her sister Tina, after discovering that Tina has started working as a prostitute and hasn't contacted her for some time she becomes worried and so goes undercover herself as a prostitute at Chez Sophia's where she meets the barman, ex-cop Jake who can tell straight away that she's putting on an act and calls her on it.Worryi [...]

    I checked this out as an audiobook from the library to occupy my mind while engaged in tedious chores. I really, really liked this story, loved the characters and the setting, and except for some parts (the heavy sex scenes) would recommend this book to almost everyone. It is set in a place I've loved all my life and the city and supporting characters acted normal.What I didn't like one of my Particular Pet Peeves was the exaggerated and often mispronunciation by the narrator, Amy Rubinate, fo [...]

    I don't summarize the story in my reviews, you can get it everywhere else. With that being said I have to say that this book was nothing special to me. I got the sexy scenes, in fact, more than it really needed. The story line dragged and I found it annoying that Stephanie constantly did things that she knew were dumb. I have a horrible time connecting with heroines like that.The actual writing was well done and was a quick read. No stumbling blocks or words that stumped me (I have a rather exte [...]

    Suzie Quint
    Even though there are a couple of moments where I was knocked out of the story by what can only be described as the heroine's too-stupid-too-live moments (like when she steals [yes steals--and then sinks] a boat to follow the hero up a bayou waterway), I'm glad to have read this.I love the way the author takes the reader on the journey of healing that Jake must go through to rejoin the living. The guilt he feels about his wife's death, his inability to talk about his emotions, the way his friend [...]

    After Stephanie's younger sister moves to New Orleans and is dumped by her boyfriend, she becomes an escort and disappears. Stephanie takes a leave of absence from her job in Chicago and goes undercover as an escort to try to track her down. She soon meets Jake, a sexy bartender who agrees to help find her sister. Overall, this was boring and I could not stand Stephanie. For someone that was supposed to be smart and successful, her uncover plan was not well thought out nor executed well. She had [...]

    Nurse Lisa In Ohio (PRN Book Reviews)
    4/5 stars. I read the updated/re released version (2014 or 2013); I really liked the story a LOT & totally appreciated the effort taken by Ms. Blake to take an originally published in the early 2000's novel & edit it to jibe with technology, verbiage, etc of today's works. I'm already a big Toni Blake fan but that extra effort scores even bigger in this reader's opinion. If you're a fan of Toni Blake, this is truly a "must read"! If you're not a fan YET, I betcha will be once ya read thi [...]

    The Book Junkie Reads . . .
    Jake and Stephanie meet while she takes a dive into a world of high class escorts to low class ex for drugs. This adventure takes Stephanie through a world she had never dreamed of and her out of her comfort zone. Stephanie learns a lot about herself. While Jake copes with the facts that he is indeed a man that wants to help those in need.

    I started it-flipped through & read a bit a couple of times & looked at the end. I'm not totally sure why I hated this book, but I think it had something to do with the fact that it was pretty much porn with some woowoo mysticism crap thrown in for good measure. Ick!

    Toni is a new author for me and a good writer but I just couldn't get into the characters. This was a dud for me. I may try her again in the future but for now, it is a quick read, you will sweep through the pages but the characters didn't stick, i was over it in a heart beat.

    Strange, the journeys life led a person on—strange what someone could make themselves do for love.In love with someone who loves you back and who you know would never hurt you or leave you. Ever. Someone truly worthy.

    Ellen Lewis
    I really loved this book. Ms Blake writes bad boy heroes really well. You just can't help but fall in love with them. Her writing is such that the atmosphere of New Orleans is very much part of the book. The sex scenes are great. All in all an excellent read.

    I like reading an "innocent" heroine story, but completely naive doesn't work for me. I also loathe the use of second person POV, which is how this book begins. This was a DNF for me.

    More guilty pleasure. Not as good as Tempt Me Tonight.

    Carol Storm
    Sensual, touching, romantic -- a classic keeper of a contermporary romance, and also an unforgettable picture of New Orleans before Katrina!

    Normally love Toni Blake and her style of writing. Just couldn't seem to get into this one. Had a very hard time finishing it.

    Toni Blake never fails to make my day.

    3.5 stars Not one of her best, but was steamy. Plot ok.

    also known as, WILDEST DREAMS by Toni Blake. very, very good!!

    Michelle [Helen Geek]
    No eBook available recommended to me by GR based on other books I've read.

    Joann Krause Radke
    It was ok

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