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  • Title: A Bedtime for Bear
  • Author: Bonny Becker Kady MacDonald Denton
  • ISBN: 9780763641016
  • Page: 334
  • Format: Hardcover

  • When the impish Mouse comes to spend the night, Bear is in for a rude and very funny awakening in this irresistible new story starring the unlikely pair.Bear must have absolute quiet when he goes to bed He likes to set out his glass of water, adjust his nightcap, fluff his favorite pillow, and then drift peacefully to sleep But the effervescent Mouse, small and grayWhen the impish Mouse comes to spend the night, Bear is in for a rude and very funny awakening in this irresistible new story starring the unlikely pair.Bear must have absolute quiet when he goes to bed He likes to set out his glass of water, adjust his nightcap, fluff his favorite pillow, and then drift peacefully to sleep But the effervescent Mouse, small and gray and bright eyed, finds it terribly hard to be as quiet as a well, you know With masterfully paced slapstick humor, droll repartee, and comic visual details, the curmudgeonly Bear and his irrepressible friend Mouse return in a third wry adventure that will have readers of all ages laughing in recognition.
    Bonny Becker Kady MacDonald Denton
    Bonny Becker is the author of a number of award winning picture books and middle grade novels She lives in Seattle.

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    Sweet on Books
    Reclusive, persnickety Bear is back, and so is his other half, sunny and persistent Mouse. For those of you new to Bear and Mouse adventures, all I can say is lucky you! "A Bedtime for Bear" is the third collaboration that brings back this hilarious odd couple. In this installment, Bear has invited Mouse over for a sleepover - let the games begin! Bear (unsurprisingly) needs things "just so" in order to fall asleep. Mouse, on the other had, is curious about all things and has LOADS of questions. [...]

    I love the personality of these two characters. The dialogue makes for a great readaloud. Children who keep their parents up at night will recognize bear's frustration, but everyone will find amusement in the situation.

    In A Bedtime for Bear, Bear and Mouse share their first eventful sleepover together. As usual curmudgeonly Bear needs everything "just right." After an entertaining game of checkers with Mouse, they retire to Bear's bedroom. Bear fluffs his pillow, dons a nightcap and drinks his glass of water before settling into his big comfy bed. On his night table, a shelf is opened, transformed into a matching comfy bed for Mouse. Every sound Mouse makes annoys melodramatic Bear. When Mouse falls fast aslee [...]

    Michaela Baillie
    This story is about a bear who is very picky about his bedtime. He has a house guest, a mouse, and bear is very worried that his peace and quiet will be disturbed. In the end, we learn that sometimes the biggest bear can be afraid of the smallest noises and needs a mouse to save the day, or night. I would probably use this book in a K or 1st grade class. It is a cute story and can be used as a reminder that there are times where everyone is scared.

    This latest appearance by odd couple Bear and Mouse finds the pair at a sleepover. Bothered by every noise, Bear blames Mouse for the lack of peace and quiet. After Mouse falls asleep, Bear's growing anxiety about more noises bring the friends together.

    Adorable tale about a bear who's very particular when it comes to his bedtime routine, until he learns to share his space with an overnight houseguest, Mouse. Friendship and humor and lovely illustrations.

    We like bear and mouse. :)

    K medvedu, ki je navajen spati sam se povabi mala drobcena siva miška. Skupaj igrata damo in pijeta kakav nato pa se odpravita v posteljo. Medved sicer opravi svojo spalno rutino, a ga miškine priprave na spanje vržejo povsem iz tira. Ne more zaspati, povsod sliši glasove in škripanje. Zbudi miško in miška sama od sebe preveri, če se kje skriva kaj nezaželjenega. Nato medved pove miški pravljico in skupaj utoneta v prijeten spanec.Slikanica ima čudovite ilustracije in ne pretirano mor [...]

    The story was okay. It's a bedtime story highlighting a bear and a mouse. But right about in the middle I feel like I missed several pages - the story makes a major skip. Strange. But it was a nice story.

    I knew it as great when my 4-yr old ran about the house saying, "will this torment never cease?!?" It sounds Shakespearian, but is from this book! Love the plot.

    Yay--Bear and Mouse are back! I love these illustrations. So warm and friendly. And I love Mouse. Bear isn't too bad either. This one would not be as fun to read in a school-age storytime as the original, but I think this would still be a fun lap-read. And especially a good bedtime story.3/20/13 & 3/21/13 Thought I'd try this in the preschool bedtime theme storytime. I warned them before I read it that it was just a little bit longer than I normally do, but that they'd be all right. I know t [...]

    Mexy Gonzales
    “A Bedtime Story For Bear” is about a bear and his friend mouse. The theme of this book is friendship and patience. While the bear is used to silence when sleeping and has his noisy friend mouse come to sleep over he must dig deep for patience and realizes the importance of their friendship instead of their differences. This would serve as a great bedtime story and patience enforcer. The simple vocabulary is great for its reading level of K-2. I love that the story is simple and fun. The poi [...]

    Maren Child
    Bonny Becker's stories about Bear and the mouse are funny and touching. The smattering of rather long words, such as 'most attentive', 'intolerable' and 'insufferable', adds to the humour of the two characters.Kady MacDonald Denton's illustrations have enormous expression, vitality and charm. The characters match the text perfectly. In an interview on Seven Impossible Things Before Breakfast, she describes her methods: "I use pen and ink with watercolours on hot-pressed watercolour paper. As the [...]

    Gemma Varcianna
    Bear had a sleep over with mouse but he needs absolute quiet when it is bedtime. Bear has his set routine at bedtime and doesnt like it to be any different, as bear settles down in bed to sleep mouse is getting ready for bed and disturbing bera at the same time. Bear is obviously a light sleeper! As every sound disturbs him. When mouse eventually gets to sleep Bear hears the noises of the night and gets frightened and wakes mouse up so he can check his bedroom for him! In the end Mouse ends up s [...]

    Bridget R. Wilson
    That lovable pair, Bear and Mouse, return in this nighttime tale. Bear is a particular sleeper--everything has to be just so and very quiet. When Mouse comes to spend the night, Bear finds his bedtime peace disturbed. Only after having a monster hunt can he sleep. Mouse sleeps quite contentedlyter he puts on earmuffs. Bear snores, you see.What I Thought: Bear and Mouse as characters just keep improving. This story is great. I love how Bear is the "fraidy cat" and not Mouse. Becker doesn't follow [...]

    Age: 4-7Media: WatercolorAward: E. B. Read AloudBear receives Mouse, an unexpected visitor, for the night and Bear's grouchy, controlling attitude has trouble adjusting to the night time noises of Mouse. When Bear hears an unfamiliar noise, it is Mouse who checks under the bed, checks behind the curtains, and listens to a story to comfort Bear. A lovely friendship between two unlikely pals.Wonderful to read aloud, especially with the various sized words to express loudness or softness which acco [...]

    Bear must have absolute quiet when he goes to bed. He likes to set out his glass of water, adjust his nightcap, fluff his favorite pillow, and then drift peacefully to sleep. But the effervescent Mouse, small and gray and bright-eyed, finds it terribly hard to be as quiet as a . . . well, you know. With masterfully paced slapstick humor, droll repartee, and comic visual details, the curmudgeonly Bear and his irrepressible friend Mouse return in a third wry adventure that will have readers of all [...]

    Ariel Cummins
    There is so, so much to love about this series, and this book in particular. The grumpiness of the bear that he tries (unsuccessfully) to fight, mouse's unrelenting but gentle cheerfulness, and the total reversal that of stereotypes. Gentle, watercolor-based art illustrates the unlikely friendship with just the right amount of expressiveness.This book would make an excellent storytime book because of the very different narrative voices of the two characters, the whispers and shouts, and the fun [...]

    Bear needs to have everything just so when he goes to bed. His glass of water needs to be in the exact right spot on his bedside table. His favorite pillow needs to be fluffed. His nightcap needs to be snug. And it must be quiet. When his friend Mouse arrives to spend the night, Bear stresses that he must have absolute quiet, and Mouse tries, but it's so hard. Then just when the two drift off, Bear hears a noise that is not Mouse. Like a true friend, Mouse soon puts Bear in a frame of mind where [...]

    Bear and Mouse have a sleepover, and, as you might expect, Bear has a lot of conditions that must be met if he is going to get any sleep. Mouse, of course, does not really ascribe to Bear's list of demands. I think the part I liked best about this particular story is that Bear eventually breaks down not because Mouse drives him to his breaking point, but because Bear hears a noise in his house and gets scared all on his own. Mouse actually calms Bear down in this one by playing along with Bear's [...]

    Abby Owens
    This a really funny story about a bear who likes his bedtime just so but it was ruined when his friend mouse comes over to stay the night. Mouse creates a lot of noise and change but in the end he helps bear and they fall fast asleep. I really like this story, I think that it had good humor but it can also teach a lesson about change.Bear has to learn to adjust to a new normal and he has to compromise with Mouse. This could be used to help children who are learning how to cope with change.

    Theme: FriendshipA Bedtime for Bear is a great story of the give and take of friendship. Loved the characters of the bear and the mouse (would be a fun book for character study)- with the grumpy bear and sweet and cheerful mouse. The message of friendship and how to be a friend is simple yet not preachy in the story allowing for students to come to the conclusion of the author’s message on their own. It also has sweet illustrations that add to the storyline and grab young readers' attention.

    Bear and Mouse are at it again. Bear is so OCD and set in his ways that the smallest disturbance makes him go nuts. And mouse finds just the right way to get him to chill out a little, although watching the process can be a bit painful. The story is fun to read aloud and the illustrations are terrific, as always. We've read this book a couple of times and we enjoy reading it together.

    Heather Sears
    I so enjoy this series of books. First the illustrations are just wonderful, with big grumpy bear and oh so overly cheery mouse. I also enjoy Becker's use of vocabulary. She does it in way that doesn't overwhelm kids but rather teaches them some great big vocabulary in a fun easy way. Bear, while grumpy is just lovable and his often hilarious interactions with mouse are great fun for kids and adults alike.

    Jess Brown
    What great characters Bear and Mouse are! In this story, Bear must have absolute quiet in order to sleep soundly. When Mouse visits unexpectedly, the two have quite the time trying to find a sleep pattern that works for both of them. With little lines intended to make adults smile, and humor just right for kids, this one is a keeper. Already plan to use it for PJ Storytime! Best for preschoolers and the early elementary set.

    Allison Parker
    Another story from one of my favorite odd couples. Bear, in his just-so, rather grumpy way, has his bedtime routine down to a science. But things get a little disrupted when Mouse stops by as Bear's first overnight guest. The expressions on the character's faces are delightful as Mouse innocently irrates his host. A lovely reminder that friends can be annoying. Or, that it's good to loosen up a bit.

    Curmudgeonly Bear and free-spirited Mouse make the best Odd Couple in picture books. Love this newest installment about the different ways they go to bed. (I especially love that Mouse makes a trundle bed in Bear's nightstand drawer.) The many shouts (in a huge, hand-drawn font) would make this a stitch to read aloud.

    Bear has a bedtime routine and he's not pleased when Mouse shows up for a scheduled sleepover. They finally get settled down to bed when Bear thinks he hears something in his room. Mouse checks all over (just to make himself feel better) and Bear is finally able to sleep.A great story for little ones that have trouble with monsters under the bed or in the closet.

    This worked well with the "Dream Big" summer reading theme. Each week there was a sub-theme, if you will, and this week it was 'Sweet Dreams' so I chose this one. It was enjoyable reading to a small, quiet group. It would not have worked as well for toddlers, I think. Now I want to look at some of the author books by this author about Bear.

    I read an early copy of this book via work; opinions are my own.Actual rating: 3.5 stars.This book is really cute! It's about a mouse that's brave and a bear that has exceptionally good hearing. I think young readers will enjoy the slight irony and find it humorous and enjoyable. I don't know if this is destined to be a new favorite, per se, but it's certainly fun.

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