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  • Title: The Light and the Glory: Did God Have a Plan for America?
  • Author: Peter Marshall David Manuel
  • ISBN: 9780800750541
  • Page: 406
  • Format: Paperback

  • Peter Marshall and David Manuel explore the Christian foundations of American history, considering God s special role in America s creation and its implications for today.
    Peter Marshall David Manuel
    Librarian Note There is than one author in the GoodReads database with this name The Rev Peter Marshall is a Presbyterian minister who for over forty years has gained national recognition as a preacher on Christian growth and discipleship, and as a teacher and writer on America s Christian heritage Because he believes that our nation is in moral and spiritual crisis and that the only hope for restoration is revival, his increasingly prophetic ministry focuses on two major themes.


    David Holford
    I originally read this book in an American history course at a Christian college. At the time, I probably would have given it four stars. With hindsight and a graduate school education in Colonial and Revolutionary America, and aged much more than 17 as I was at the time, I'm much less impressed.If David Barton had a patron saint, it would be the late Peter Marshall. They are from the same mold of historical eisegesis. They know the result they want and an eclectic set of period quotes "prove" i [...]

    Jeannie Romanello
    I am reading this book, as a devotional. I have had it for years and have tried to read it many times before always thinking to myself this is just so boring.Well, I may be mature enough now to read it and thoroughly enjoy it. Though not done I just have to review it has a family & friend MUST READ.Christianity is a power religion. Christ has the power to re-create men from the inside out, as every man who has ever met Him knows. And one of the early lessons a new Christian learns through ex [...]

    I am so grateful to have read this history book. The 4th of July will have more meaning for me from now on. This book was hard for me to get through in the beginning chapters, but once through them, it came alive for me. I learned the history of our nation from the Christian (true!) perspective -- nothing left out -- the plain truth where God's role and honor are not left out nor minimized. Stories of heroes of the faith inspired me and reading of harder times sobered me. I learned and was minis [...]

    Alexis Jones
    Over the summer going into my sophomore year of high school, I was given a list of about five books to read for my honors English class. The Light and the Glory was on the list, and I chose it because it seemed to be the easiest to read. As many students my age do, I procrastinated and did not pick up the book until about two weeks before my first day of class. I rated this book three stars, with the intention of saying "liked it" for the following reasons: History has never been my cup of tea, [...]

    Sheryl Tribble
    If you consider history to be the study of what actually happened, insofar as we can discover that, and believe that a U.S. history book should at least touch on most major events and offer the most agreed on explanations for things in elaborations (even if the author chooses to include factors not always considered), then this is not a U.S. history book. For instance, the book neglects to mention crucial factors in King Philip’s war (like the death -- or even the existence of! -- Wamsutta, an [...]

    This is a strange book. If I am just looking at the book as history, it needs one star. The thesis will be laughable to most people - that the reason that the United States exists is that God had a plan to create a 'New Israel' in America. There is really no way to evaluate this thesis. The authors offer 'proof' of their thesis, which is that Columbus, the Pilgrims, and the Puritans all believed that they were called by God, therefore it must be true. All of the outrages committed by Columbus ar [...]

    “God would provide grace commensurate with the call.”An excellent development of one exceptionalist view of the founding of the United States of America. Written in 1977, some cultural references now seem either quaint or prescient. Like The New Evidence That Demands a Verdict: Fully Updated, this book draws heavily from primary sources (eyewitness accounts, letters and journals, not just other histories), in this case to argue for divine participation in the discovery and development of Ame [...]

    An enjoyable read and a compelling story. It's too bad the authors proceed with such little concern for historical accuracy, reprinting any anecdote (however unsubstantiated) that supports their interpretation and failing to deal with evidence that conflicts with it. Yes, many of America's founders were devout Christians. Yes, the United States government was constructed in a civilizational context deeply influenced by Christianity. But Marshall and Manuel carry their argument to baseless, inacc [...]

    Kent Horner
    I love U.S. history and Peter Marshall (Wasn't that the name of the guy who hosted Hollywood Squares?) wrote this in a way that held my interest. Why was Jamestown a failure while Plymouth prospered? This is a history book that reads like a story leaving me no doubt of the divine providence that formed our great nation. The only thing I would say negatively is Marshall has,I belive, a sort of "works mentality" when it come to grace of God but this may very well be the most enjoyable non fiction [...]

    Historically-speaking this book was a wealth of information. It's based more from a Christian viewpoint. There were a few things I didn't agree with, ie. the fact that America is the 'new Israel'. However, the authors made it a point to show how God's hand was in the forming of our country, and how the foundations of our country were built on morals and ethics. The book was NOT an easy read as it was close to 300 pages and wasn't really engaging. There were some amusing parts, but it was overall [...]

    Benjamin Alexander
    I think this series is the best series you can read to your children about God's history with America That I know of They are good writers and they craft a great story so largely based on good historical research. Some of their presuppositions are off with their odd view that God had a particular covenant with America as a nation akin to that of Israel, but on the whole you're not going to find a better blend of thorough history with a beautiful consistency around genuine Christianity

    Interesting concept and I think the authors were right on. Appreciated all the research they did. Great read!

    Dean Morgan
    Great book of the best history books I've ever read. It took me a long time to read this, but not because it was dull or slow reading. On the contrary, it was very informative and exciting. Part of the reason it took me a bit to read this book is that I left it and came back to it a couple of times. There is a lot to absorb hereis book takes the reader from the discovery of the Americas by Columbus, through the American Revolution and First Constitutional Congress. The book is fascinating and ab [...]

    Summary:The secular world has tried hard to erase any reference to God, especially in regards to the founding of America. They laugh at Christians who believe God had a plan for the nation of America. Public schools and the textbooks used for students are void of reference to Judeo-Christian values that are taught in the Bible. For Christian parents, they struggle with making a right choice in teaching children the full history of America.The Light and The Glory began with the early European dis [...]

    Mr. Graham
    The Light and the Glory was a fascinating read. It accomplishes its purpose in exposing some of the Christian tradition of America that isn't taught in history classes, and isn't mentioned in textbooks. Though Christians always talk about the Christian foundations of our nation, the cynical side of me wonders to what extent that is true. This book cites primary sources that sheds light on some of these things that I have been cynical about. It's especially enlightening how many of the writers of [...]

    As the cover asserts, the second edition is “revised and expanded.” Some material has been deleted, some of which had doubtful providence, some perhaps to keep the book close to 500 pages. The result is a better, tighter argument of the author’s thesis. As reviewed previously, this book presents an argument, that “Since the first Christian settlers entered into covenant with Him, God has called the people of this country to be ‘a City on a Hill,’” referring to John Winthrop’s 163 [...]

    Clay Winters
    I read this book in high school and enjoyed it. Listening to it in audio format this time around was much easier and helped me to catch a lot of the things I missed the first time around. It definitely opened my eyes to see God's hand in the forming of this great nation and how it is only His hand which makes it a "great" nation. I recommend it for the wealth of history and first-hand accounts it offers of many untold stories and overlooked details of many well-known stories. Overall, this book [...]

    i am reading this for history and so far, i have read about columbus and his explorations to america (but i have only read like two chapters). it quite fascinating actually!now i'm half way through (yes!) and i have read about the pilgrims and the puritans and all those people. it is such a different story than what i have always heard. pretty fascinating OH! and if you are considering reading it, get the audio book to go with it. i have to read it and listen to it at the same time. but that mig [...]

    Excellent book covering the creation of America from Columbus setting out through Washington's presidency. It is filled with excerpts from historic documents, allowing me to see what people, who were influential in shaping America, actually said or wrote. I realized much of my understanding doesn't reflect or isn't complete in what in reality transpired. After reading aloud several chapters to my husband, he purchased a copy for himself. He has commented how fascinating it is. I agree. There are [...]

    This book by Peter Marshall and David Manuel is a must read!!! It takes a look at our nation's history without taking God out of the equation! For the skeptics out there, this is not a book of opinions. It is a history book written by people who aren't afraid to tell the whole story! I must warn you that it is heavy reading's a history book! But can we call ourselves "Americans" if we don't even know what America stands for, or shall I say, what it was founded to stand for. Buy the book. I dare [...]

    Larry Killion
    “The Light and the GloryBy Peter Marshall and David ManuelHave you ever wondered what the early American history was like from a Christian point of view? Why did some things happen as they did? What was God's plan for America? And why are we so ungodly today? I really enjoyed this book. It is refreshing to read something about the history of our nation that doesn't cloak the fact that our founders indeed had a strong Christian faith. Four stars. ”

    Very fascinating book. It is a must read for all of those interested in the foundations of America, christianity, and views of how those two are combined. I thoroughly enjoyed reading it for it's insightful information, yet has a hard time getting through it because of the very matter of fact style it was written in. It is worth reading just for the information and views in the book, so if you're interested, you should read it!

    The book that helped a generation rediscover America's Christian heritage. This is not only an excellent saga of the founding of America, written at a time when such works were impossibly scarce, but it is also an easy read, more novel than textbook. Thanks to David Barton and others, the many primary and secondary sources Marshall relies on are beginning to reach a wider audience. But it was the Light and the Glory that started it all.

    American history (1492 - 1793) focusing on our Christian heritage, quoting from original sources, not the ideology of the authors. It would be a great addition to any American History course. Oh the things we aren't taught about our heritage anymore. When we forget where we came from and who we were, we are lost. Well written; it reads like a novel, not a textbook. The revised and updated edition has expanded the information.

    Becky Nelson
    I really appreciated this book and consider it one of the best books I've read on American history for the period 1492-1793. The details provided about the role of faith and God's providence caused me to view history with greater understanding and in a different way. I highly recommend this book to anyone who wants to see American history through the eyes of faith that was such an integral part of so many important figures in our history.

    Amazing read Enjoyable read couldn't put it down. I appreciated the authors honesty about his research and prejudice of perspective. It seems to me that it is impossible to write about history without prejudice.nd I found it very enlightening to read from the Christian perspective and was amazed at what we aren't being told or taught. There are two sides to every story. History to be true must include researched information on the perspectives of those it is writing about.

    Draya Stahl
    THE LIGHT AND THE GLORYPeter Marshall and David ManuelAwesome Book! The entire trilogy was wonderful. My husband and I read them all together and loved them. My daughter used this one as her text in the 8th grade and loved it also. No, you could not put all U.S. history in one book. If you did you could not carry it around. If you want to know God's plan for our nation, this trilogy is the first books I would choose.

    Aslaug Gørbitz
    I had to read this in high school. Like most required reading in high school, I don't remember much about it. I do remember, however, thinking that it was a great book. As an educational history book, it definitely deserves the five stars. As a book that is on my favorite list, maybe four stars would be more accurate since I have not picked it up to read since high school. I do heartily recommend it for anyone who hasn't read it, though.

    Jim Kane
    This book taught me a few things about the settlement and founding of what eventually became the USA. The authors are careful to admit that throughout the book they express their opinion and beliefs about why events unfolded as they did but they provide much insight into how God's hand was directly involved in founding this nation.

    Adam Shields
    Short review: I am very uncomfortable with the concept of this book, the theology that drove the authors to write the book and the fact that the church has supported it to make it such a popular books. I would avoid it.A longer review is on my blog at bookwi/light-and-glory-init

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