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  • Title: A Florentine Tragedy
  • Author: Oscar Wilde Thomas Moore
  • ISBN: 9781147691436
  • Page: 490
  • Format: Paperback

  • A Florentine Tragedy is a fragment of a never completed play by Oscar Wilde The subject concerns Simone, a wealthy 16th century Florentine merchant who finds his wife Bianca in the arms of a local prince, Guido Bardi.
    Oscar Wilde Thomas Moore
    Oscar Fingal O Flahertie Wills Wilde was an Irish playwright, poet and author of numerous short stories and one novel Known for his biting wit, and a plentitude of aphorisms, he became one of the most successful playwrights of the late Victorian era in London, and one of the greatest celebrities of his day Several of his plays continue to be widely performed, especially The Importance of Being Earnest As the result of a widely covered series of trials, Wilde suffered a dramatic downfall and was imprisoned for two years hard labour after being convicted of gross indecency with other men After Wilde was released from prison he set sail for Dieppe by the night ferry He never returned to Ireland or Britain, and died in poverty.


    The idea of this play is so ridiculous, like, so absolutely fucking bonkers, that I actually had to add one star. Just like La Sainte Courtisane, it is just a fragment of a never-completed play by Oscar, but it's actually a lot messier than the aforementioned. A Florentine Tragedy has almost no stage directions, no division into acts, heck, we don't even get a seperation into different scenes. This reads like One the Road, where the reader has the feeling that the author just vomited all over th [...]

    Viji(Bookish endeavors)
    Et tu,Wilde.? I guess you were the one who taught us the job of art is entertaining and not teaching.! It's strange to see you going for moral training. And religion.!! Was this play really written by you.?!!The plot is an average,commonplace one. It's the touch of Wilde in dialogues that makes it rise a bit beyond other plays.

    Fatema Hassan , bahrain
    t/g8SzF9qelqمسرح أوسكار وايلد الساحر، يبحر بك لفلورنسا ليقدم ( فاجعة فلورنسية ) مسرحية اجتماعية تروي قصة الجميلة بيانكا زوجة التاجر سيمون العجوز، تلفت بيانكا نظر الأمير جيدو باردي مما يدفعه لإرسال كيس مملوء بالكرونات طلبًا لودادها، بيانكا التي لم تحظى بالجمال الفاتن تتمتع بذكاء [...]

    It was only after finished reading this short play I figured that the scholars believe that this is really an unfinished play but I thought it's sufficient as it is. There's no stage directions so one must rely on subtle hints and it is written in blank verse but this is not difficult to read. It is said that, after he was released from prison, he left the first part in a cab by an accident and never really finished the latter part of it. I don't know if I'm getting this completely wrong, there [...]

    Nada Khaled
    خيانة خيانة خيانة everywhere !هي قصة زوجة تاجر تحب الأمير وهي على ذمة التاجر،وتحاول جذب انتباهه إليها،وما إن يفعل ويستجب لها،يذهب إليها في غياب زوجها،فتحاول إدعاء الفضيلة وتوافق أن تبيعه نفسها بموافعة زوجها !وكأن زوجها ليس برجلاً،وكأن الشرف يمكن أن يباع بالمال !فيدخل التاجر من [...]

    احمد اسماعيل
    لعنة الله على الخيانة والخائنين

    Camila Nogueira
    Sendo Oscar Wilde meu autor favorito, e tendo eu devorado todas as suas peças, todos os seus contos, alguns de seus ensaios, De Profundis e seu único romance, é difícil que eu desgoste de qualquer coisa que ele tenha escrito. O mesmo serve para "Uma Tragédia Florentina", que poderia ter sido um drama muito bom se o autor o tivesse completado. O final do manuscrito é muito legal. Não é o tipo de obra que se recomenda para qualquer pessoa, até porque não faz muito sentido ler os manuscri [...]

    Ishmeet Singh
    A Florentine Tragedy is a fragment of a never-completed play by Oscar Wilde. The subject concerns Simone, a wealthy 16th-century Florentine merchant who finds his wife Bianca in the arms of a local prince, Guido Bardi. The play revolves around the theme of class struggle, desire and self-image .Didn't find it at par with Oscar's other plays, maybe becouse it's incomplete ? Also the role of Bianca at the end confuses me .If anybody wants to explain it please do .

    Dane Cobain
    This enchanting fragment of a piece of Oscar Wilde’s unfinished work shows a play which he was developing, with a powerful moral lesson and evocative language throughout. Alas, unfortunately you’ll find that it ends too soon…

    Karim Abdel-Khalek‎
    لمَ لم تقل لي أنك قوي إلى هذا الحد ؟لمَ لم تقولي لي أنك جميلة إلى هذا الحد ؟

    مسرحية من فصل واحد : معربة باسم مأساة فلورنسيةتاجر فلورنسي يجد زوجته علي علاقة مع أمير يدور بينهما نقاش يؤدي إلي مبارزة ينتصر فيها التاجرأعجبتني في عمقها

    I don’t understand! What is this? I didn’t think I would actually like this play. A Florentine Tragedy reminded me so much of Shakespeare’s play Romeo & Juliet, using some of the same metaphors and wordings. Of course, the belittling of women is still evident and while I do not condone such things and am definitely against it, I admit it was still a well-written and enjoyable play. I didn’t find it lacking much at all, but since I am not an expert on plays and how they should be writ [...]

    Utmost Cookie bakes
    Kurz, lustig, morbid und mit höchst überraschendem Ende.

    The short little play was OK but I enjoyed the end

    Nissa Rachmidwiati
    I don't care if it is an unfinished work or not. I do love this play, though not as much as his other plays like the importance of being earnest and the ideal husband. I think I won't like this play so much unless I listen to the audiobook as well. Check this free audiobook on Librivox and listen to it while you're reading as what I did earlier when I read this. What I found good on the play was only Simone's voice though. The voice-actor does the voice and the character really good. But others [...]

    There are some works by acclaimed authors that are so astoundingly bad that we are left wondering whether they were written when the writer was twelve-years-old or drunk or both or, just possibly, they are deliberate satires overtaken by events. Oscar Wilde’s mercifully incomplete A Florentine Tragedy comes into this category.When Wilde had the Irish upon him, he had a tendency to write mawkish short stories of mouth-puckering saccharinity, but he was never an incompetent writer. A Florentine [...]

    From my review of The Importance of Being Earnest and Other Plays: "A Florentine Tragedy" is obviously a tragedy,and I have to say that it was my least favorite. It's so, so short (less than 20 pages), and the climax happens quickly and suddenly. There are only three characters: Simone, a merchant, his wife, Bianca, and Guido, a duke who Simone suspects of being Bianca's lover. Everything happens in a rush, but in trademark Wilde, the ending is different than one might expect. I didn't like the [...]

    Oh, Oscar, what happened here?A Florentine Tragedy is simply a fragment of a work in progress that was not even wholly composed by Wilde, so that may be an indication of the quality of this work. It is one of few plays by Wilde that takes place outside of his own society, and for the most part, those that don't deal with all that is Victorian are not as popular. This is completely understandable, because I was disappointed in this work and in Vera, or the Nihilists as well. Is there even a meani [...]

    Simon, merchant of Florence, observes his wife Bianca and Guido, the son of the Duke of Florence, are having an affair. This revelation of adultery is subtly followed by a calculated revenge : Simon challenges Guido and kills him. His wife then falls (back?) in love with him. Inspired by ‘My Last Dutchess’’ (Browning), Wilde pictures a wise husband who plays a meticulously timed game of cat-and-mouse with his rival to get his wife back. When challenging Guido, Simon demonstrates his streng [...]

    It took me a couple of pages to get into both the story and the poetic style of the play, but in the end I found myself quite enjoying it. Even though it is technically a fragment, to me it seems much closer to complete than the small note at the bottom of the first page would indicate; as if there are only a few pages of dialogue missing in the middle where the break occurs. The ending, with its clever twist, was definitely not what I expected, and makes me really wish that Wilde had been able [...]

    Magdalena Golden-Baran
    I'm not sure if it's entirely fair to rate an unfinished piece but as it is, I found it OK. It's not in a style I normally enjoy so I don't think I would have found it any better had it been completed but I see its the appeal and I can't really say I didn't like it - it's just not my thing.

    Courtney Leonard
    "Simone, your reckless tongue needs curbing." Excellent.

    Wilde's wit and use of dramatic irony is just beautiful

    One thought springs to mind when it comes to the works of Oscar Wilde, "When he was good he was very good, but when he was bad he was horrid."

    Arjun Mishra
    I actually like this as a short play, rather than thinking of how the final version would have come out.

    M7md Alghanmi
    - لماذا لم تقل لي أنك قوي؟!+ و لماذا لم تقولين لي أنكِ جميلة؟؟!!

    Dounia Elbouzidi
    "نولد فتبكي أمهاتنا ، و نموت فلا نجد من يبكينا".|"يا لها من صفقة خاسرة ، تلك التي نسميها حياة الإنسان".|"إنما الحب لقاءٌ بين عالمين ، في تبادلٍ روحي خالد".

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