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  • Title: Flash Fiction for the Cocktail Hour
  • Author: Cathryn Grant
  • ISBN: 2940011094712
  • Page: 392
  • Format: Nook

  • Hidden behind the landscaped yards, inside the spacious homes of suburbia are people haunted by paranoia Flash Fiction for the Cocktail hour is a collection of eleven suburban noir tales Like a shot of vodka, flash fiction is a quick hit to the brain, a startling peek into another s life at the end of the day You can think of it as as an alternative to a martini.
    Cathryn Grant
    Cathryn Grant s short fiction has appeared in Alfred Hitchcock and Ellery Queen Mystery Magazines, The Shroud Quarterly Journal, and been anthologized in The Best of Every Day Fiction Her short story, I Was Young Once , received an honorable mention in the 2007 Zoetrope All story Short Fiction contest.Her psychological suspense fiction reveals the motives and desires that lead to suburban crime Her Suburban Noir novels, ghost story novellas, and short fiction have been described as making the mundane menacing.She s the author of seventeen novels The Woman In the Mirror, The Woman In the Water, The Woman In the Painting, The Woman In the Window, The Woman In the Bar, The Woman In the Bedroom, The Woman In the Dark Alexandra Mallory series The Demise of the Soccer Moms, Buried By Debt, The Suburban Abyss, The Hallelujah Horror Show, Getting Ahead, Faceless, An Affair With God and The Haunted Ship Trilogy Alone On the Beach, Slipping Away From the Beach, Haunting the Beach.She s also the author of the Madison Keith Ghost Story series She s currently working on the eighth book in the Alexandra Mallory psychological suspense series The Woman In the Cellar.When she s not writing, Cathryn reads, eavesdrops, and tries to play golf without hitting her ball in the sand or the water She lives on the central California coast with her husband and two cats Visit her website at cathryngrant


    Kevin Moore
    It is hard to write good flash fiction. The space constraints prohibit any kind of real plot or character development. That being said, Flash Fiction for the Cocktail Hour does it fairly well. This is a short collection of roughly a dozen stories that are anywhere from one to maybe five or six pages in length that deal with the underside of suburbia. We tend to think of the burbs as a purified middle-class sanctuary from crime and deviant behavior, but what Cathryn Grant manages to do is use the [...]

    I would think it's harder to write short fiction and be able to convey an idea or emotion for the reader but Cathryn Grant manages to do this beautifully. I really enjoyed all the little stories in this book. Some could almost be called vignettes as they are quite short but I found that some of the shorter ones had that much more of an impact. Easily read in about a half hour and I would recommend to all.

    Veronica Marie Lewis-Shaw
    I thoroughly enjoyed Cathryn's collection of suburban noir tales. These are great little stories, which will certainly give me something to think about the next dinner party I am at, or a solo lunch, or sitting in traffic waiting for the car ahead of me to move. Very enjoyable indeed these "little peeks into the lives of others"

    Hilarious short tales that are also perfect for reading at the gym or in line at the bank. Or, as I became enthralled with Grant's style, mostly all at once with a couple shots of espresso.The character development is impressive for the length of the stories. And each story has a bit of twist that will make you go hmmm or GRRRR.

    This is my first experience with flash fiction. I love it! I am very impressed with the author's talent for immersing the reader in a situation, only to leave it unresolved. As in filmmaking. sometimes it is best left to the audience to decide each character's fate. I will certainly be reading more from this sub-genre.

    Mary Papas
    I love flash fiction. I love the fast pace, the emphasis on what is really important, the twists, the intensity. This book was everything I expected to read and more. I read it twice and I recommend it!

    If it wasn't so short, I wouldn't have finishedI like the idea of flash fiction, but this just isn't well done. Fortunately it a short book. If it was much longer, it would have earned one star.

    I did not like that not one story actually felt finished to me. Instead of ending they simply stopped. I did like what was written though.

    Like Twilight Zone with the suspense amped up to 11 and all the sci-fi sucked out, leaving nothing but paranoia.

    A quick and delightful read! It takes talent to write flash fiction that tells a story and adds unexpected spice to the ending.

    Nan Silvernail
    Some lovely flash fiction drinks, all chilled perfectly. More like shots than larger drinks, but hey. Excellent stuff. Hitchcockian. Just as I like it.

    Uneven collection - some stories were wonderful - others just ok. But certainly worth the read.

    • Best Download [Cathryn Grant] ☆ Flash Fiction for the Cocktail Hour || [Comics Book] PDF ☆
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